Anyone ever had this experience?

I was praying in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel today and I had a few minutes before I had to head back to work so I was reading some scripture. Before I began to read I asked God to guide me towards what He wanted me to read. So on that note I closed my eyes and opened my Bible. It opened to the Book of Judith so I started reading. The first verse that hit me was Judith 4:13

So the Lord heard their prayers and looked upon their affliction; for the people fasted many days throughout Judea and in Jerusalem before the sanctuary of the Lord Almighty

To me, it was like the Lord was saying, ok…here’s what I wanted you to see. And the thing is, I was thinking about fasting and praying for several things that are going on in my life and for a general kind of individual spiritual retreat to deepen my prayer life.

Should I take this as this is what God wants me to do? Have any of you had this happen? Or am I reading too much in to it?

I mean I have read verses that hit me one way or the other but never in such a profound way.

There certainly can be a danger in getting spiritual direction by such methods. People have gone overboard or started formulating their own doctrine by doing things like this. Not that you would, but there are pitfalls to taking such things too seriously.

I’d say that if you have been prompted to fast lately that that is all you needed to know. Of course, you must take your health into account and not over do it. If you have any doubts about what you should do ask your pastor for advise. You may want to seek out a spiritual director, as well.

Speak to a priest. There is no reason a priori that should not be a sign from God.

We are all too worldly, I think, and thus insensitive to the reality God puts before our very eyes.

It is not misty-eyed romanticism to see God’s Grandeur (to allude to Hopkins); neither is it to attend upon signs from God, however small the signs may be.

But speak to a priest: would that not be a fruitful conversation, and the beginning of more conversations with him?

If you have a spiritual directer, talk it over with them. If not, talk with your local Priest. In any case, remember that fasting is OK up to the point where you overdo it and cause damage to your body. Your body is a Temple Of The Holy Spirit.:frowning:

I am age 62, and fast frequently. But my Physician moniters me closely. I feel hungry sometimes, but not weakened, dibilitated, drowsy, or otherwise impaired. Those would be going over the line, as far as I am concerned

Yes. Every night for many months I opened my Sacred Scripture and it opened on the same page in Daniel. It happened so often I knew it meant something but I didn’t know what, so I spoke to my Spiritual Director and it was made clear to me what this meant and there was action to be taken and action was taken which has led to a serious set of events which is still unfolding.

After the action was taken and I have gone to my Scripture nightly and opened the Sacred Scripture it has not opened on this same page in Daniel since.

Anyway always pray to the Holy Spirit before you pray Sacred Scripture and always take advice from a holy and learned person (or a few holy and learned people) before you discern especially before you discern any sort of action.

In the Living Prayer of my life.

I think God was most definitely talking to you.He often does things like that.(A while ago St. Therese showed me what book to buy)

Thanks for all your great replies. I’m planning on talking to my priest about it, too. You’ve been a great help!!!

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