Anyone ever heard of this "A course in Miracles"?


Anyone ever hear of a book,“A course in Miracles”?

If so, what do you think of it?




I thought it was a bit of a snoozer. One of those fluffy, you are master of your own demise and if you just think good thoughts, good things will come to you, etc. programs. Marianne Williamson, one of those feel-good gurus wrote it. :rolleyes:


New age nonsense - stay away from it.

One of my co-workers attends the Renaissance Unity ‘church’ in Warren, Michigan (the city just south of where I live), and they’re really into this book. Take a look around their website and see why you should run as far away as possible from this book and anyone who endorses it. Notice in their “Groups and Ministries” that there are no Bible studies, but you can attend a “Course in Miracles” group or a “Meditation Service” instead :rolleyes:


Hi! This is my first time posting, so I’m just learning the ropes.
I started to read this book a number of years ago, and as I was reading it, I was becoming more and more uneasy about it, and could not quite put my finger on what the problem was. Then it dawned on me that the author, Marianne Williamson, seemed to be confused. She was talking about the “Christ-conciousness” within us, and seemed to be saying that we are God. Not that God lives within us, in the traditional Christian sense, but was not separating the Person of God from our human persons. We were all God in some cosmic sense. This is a very “New Age” concept. I did not finish the book, and don’t remember too much about it. But it was very subtle, and if one is not grounded in their faith,they can be easily misled. That was my impression.


I read half of it,what I really think it is…is Demonic psychobabble !!!


“A Course in Miracles,” a 1,249-page study manual, was authored by
the “inner voice” of research psychologist Helen Schucman between
1965 and 1972. Schucman, a professor at Columbia University and a
self-described atheist at the time, claims the "voice" was that of
Jesus Christ

Hmmmmmm, me wonders if she was in it for the money??? :hmmm:


Actually, Marianne Williamson, although she has popularized the book, did not write it. It was written by an atheist named Helen Schucman, who claimed she was “channeling” a spirit…She heard voices, & wrote down what the voices told her…
Schucman died a deeply disturbed & depressed individual…I personally believe that she was at the least oppressed by,( if not possessed) by the devils that she heard in her head…

The only good use for Course in Miracles, is for kindling a fire. It’s a demonic attempt to dethrone Jesus Christ. Leave it well alone; it’s a very dangerous book.


Thank you for the information. I thought Williamson was the author. Now I understand more why I was so uneasy reading the book. I guess the Holy Spirit was telling me something! :slight_smile:


I have the book “A Course In Miracles.” TextWorkbook for Students, Manual for Teachers by Foundation for Inner Peace, and the book, "Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love, Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles."
Why! Because a dear Catholic friend was into it, and I bought them to be able to discuss it with her. Needless to say, she finally figured it out and listened to me. (Thank the Holy Spirit for giving me the right words.) I still have on my bookshelf with a note written inside that I don’t believe in this nonsense but keep just in case I have to re-argue. Sometimes, I feel almost uneasy having it here.


You are very welcome!!
I read your post &…I could have written, at one point in my life!! I got that same, “something is wrong” uneasy feeling, until I put it down…
I tried twice more to read it, & I got the same feeling, only stronger. It was like a “Stop!! You are going the Wrong Way!!” sign went up. I got rid of the book, and slowly began to “heal” as it were, from the confusion that had been coming from it…
I think that:thumbsup: the Holy Spirit was telling us both something!! Thank Heaven for that!!:slight_smile:


Some might call it alarmist, but I really do agree that if any book can be ‘demonically inspired,’ this is one of them. In fact it’s probably worse than Lavey’s ‘satanic bible’ because it’s subtle, disguising itself as some genuine Christian attempt. It defines the meaning of Anti-Christ by basically telling you that there is no sin and you are God.

An Aunt of mine has been really into the Course in Miracles for a number of years now. She’s never been a very happy person so maybe that’s why she turned to it, as some kind of self-empowerment. Unfortunately that can only lead to spiritual emptiness. If anyone has any ideas on how I could evangelise her it would be much appreciated.


I’ve seen it in bookstores, and I looked at it once, a long time ago. I think it is New Age along the same lines as Neal Diamond Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God’ books or Eckhart Tolle.


All the book kept saying was, you are a co-creator ?


No, it was (rather cleverly) denying most of the truths of Christ’s teachings. But it did it in such a way, that it wasn’t till you got sucked in, that you realize how far off it is.
That’s the danger, IMO. It used all the right language, to say something the opposite of what all the creeds are there to teach us…


Zooey, I agree 100%, I read 1/2 of this book 15 years ago, and had to throw it down, but I could of swore it kept saying we could be co-creators with God, kind of like we could be equal with God.


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