Anyone familiar with ""?

Somehow, as I was doing an Internet search, I came across “”.
I’ve never heard of them before and have no idea as to whether or not they have a Catholic or evangelical or whatever bent.
I did a quick search and found that they were simpathetic towards stories about the new translation of the Mass.

Their main (or only?) concern seems to be covering religious stories from a religious point of view and checking how the mainstream media are doing.

Does anyone here visit this site often??

I’ve visited their postings a few times. I’m not sure that they have a bent, although if they did it would tend to be conservative. The editor attends an Antiochian Orthodox Church. Two of the other writers are Missouri Synod Lutherans, two are Evangelicals, one is Episcopalian. The remaining writer attends a Church of Christ.

I don’t visit often, but they seem to do a good job critiquing the media’s coverage of religious stories. And they aren’t shy about praising reporters who get it right.

Unfortunately, the persons who post comments sometimes have hard time staying on topic: the media’s coverage of the religious story (and not the religious issues in the story)

I love this site and read it regularly.

Their emphasis is not on any particular religion or any particular view, but instead on how the media just don’t get religion. (As their masthead says, “The press…just doesn’t get religion.”)

There are two major areas of focus. One is where the press coverage is just plain wrong. For example, a newspaper might talk about a woman who was just ordained as a Catholic priest without ever mentioning that the Catholic church doesn’t ordain women.

Their second area is what they often call “religious ghosts” in stories. In other words, stories where there should be some exploration of a religious angle but the reporter didn’t include it.

They also point out the occasional story that is well done…but those are much smaller in number.

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