Anyone familiar with Matthew Kelly?

This young Catholic man from Australia has written several inspirational books about living in the presence of God. Matthew claims to receive messages directly from God and conveys these messages to anyone willing to listen.

He spoke at my parish last year.

He was very enthusiastically received!

I don’t know anything about the claim that he received messages from God. I am always sceptical of claims of like that (directly contacted by God or Mary), and I have a right to be, but he is an outstanding Catholic, intelligent too. He seems to make a lot of sense and my priest and fellow parishioners love him.

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I’d be interested, if anyone has more info. on this direct contact from God the original poster speaks of. Any confirmation of this out there? I’ve never heard that claim linked to him.

I met Matthew Kelly on a pilgrimage around the world with the 101 Foundation in 1994. He is a cheerful, yet serious, focused and enthusiastic young man. He lit up when speaking about our Lord. He seemed very humble and approachable. He is an excellent public speaker. When he wasn’t giving a talk, he did not seek to be the center of attention. I found him very sincere and personable. I think he is also a little shy. He spoke to our group at the Church ot the Agony in the Garden. I’m not sure if that’s the church’s proper name; of it’s location I am sure.

Some of my friends heard him speak last December and brought me a CD of one of his talks. It was awesome. I also have his book The Rythym of Life, which is good too. I have never heard him say anything about his messages coming from God, nor has anyone else I know that has seen him.

God Bless, Nicole

[quote=Nicole] I have never heard him say anything about his messages coming from God, nor has anyone else I know that has seen him.

God Bless, Nicole

Matthew Kelly’s wrote a book called Words from God. In the introduction he writes about having a strong feeling from God after praying three Hail Mary’s, one that Our Lady might take care of him during the night, one for his family and friends and one for society. Finally after some initial urgings he says he had another strong feeling but this time it was unmistakable. " I felt that this was something I had never experienced before. And so I got out of bed, knelt down and I put myself in the presence of God. During that day and throughout this experience I felt God was asking something of me, yet, I couldn’t pinpoint it. I felt God wanted to speak to me. So kneeling there in my bedroom I said “I am listening.” All in an instant, I heard what I now know to be the voice of God the Father, speak to me. Over the three months following that evening, the contents of this book have been dictated to me by God the Father."

Wow, that is very interesting. What do you think? Is this wrong for him to say that?

Thanks and God Bless,

I have read his Book - Catholism, the Spiritual North Star … it was excellent … :thumbsup:

I don’t think it really matters if God spoke to him or not. If God DID speak directly to him, it would be a private revelation, which others are not required to believe. The words of the introduction quoted above sound like someone seeking God.

The real matters is the content of what he speaks about.

I heard him speak about 3 months ago or so and the content was right on target. His main thing was that God want us to become the best version of ourselves. And we do that by rooting ourself in God, the sacraments, prayer, etc. He called the hearers to become more rooted in our Catholic faith - the rosary, Mass, etc.

He is not infalible, but what I heard inspired me, and I share some of it the teens I work with at my parish.

[quote=Nicole]Wow, that is very interesting. What do you think? Is this wrong for him to say that?

Thanks and God Bless,

Nichole, I agree with CatholicGeek.

If Matthew believes it was the voice of God and is describing the event as he experienced it, he is being truthful. It would be private revelation and we are not bound to believe it, but we can listen, scrutinize, discern, etc. We can look at his words as the meditations of his heart in prayer as he listened to God speak to his heart. As CatholicGreek said it is now the content of what he says that matters. What he says can now become the subject of our medition. I too found his message right on.

He has said, “Who you become is infinitely more important than what you do or what you have.” Father Thomas King S.J., Georgetown Professor of Theology and author of Thomas Merton, Mystic at the Center of America said, “To hear Matthew Kelly is to forget Matthew Kelly and remember only one’s call to holiness.”

Actually, I have two of Matthew’s books which are messages from God the Father. They are private revelation. They are from about ten(?) years ago. I have gone to hear Matthew speak a few times and was amazed there was no mention of any messages from God but each of his talks were wonderful and “right on” with the Church and her teachings. I actually asked Matthew if he still receives messages from Our Lord and he said yes he does but he keeps them private now. I then asked a person working for him if he shares the messages with them and she said (and I am not quoting her exactly) that people were only interested in the “latest message” and not really interested in doing what needed to be done to become holy so Matthew stopped sharing his messages to get the focus where it really belongs. He is a wonderful Catholic and has a wonderful ministry to young people and people of all ages. We need more people like him.

I was blessed to meet Matthew Kelly and hear him speak over several days this spring. The world needs more Matthew Kellys!!

I was glad to see this thread, as Matthew is currently fighting thyroid cancer, and will be having surgery this week - July 2nd or 3rd, I forget which. Please pray for this wonderful young man who has chosen to share the gifts God has blessed him with in order to write great books and speak all over the world, not to mention the work of the Matthew Kelly Foundation.

I have seen Matthew speak a few times and have read a few of his books. I am always impressed with him. I just heard him speak this past Friday night at the National Catholic Singles Conference and he was fabulous.

I did not know he had cancer, he looked great at the conference. Prayers ascending :signofcross:

I receive a MK email regularly, here is a snippet from his message regarding his thyroid cancer.

*** A Personal Message from MatthewSometimes it helps to think about death and dying. I know we tend to avoid it whenever we can, but from time to time the reality that life on this earth is short and limited for us all peaks around the corner at us.I have done quite a bit of thinking about this lately, not that I am dying.But two weeks ago during a visit to my doctor, having had some lingering health troubles for almost a month, he discovered a lump on my Thyroid. Subsequent ultrasounds and biopsies have revealed that I have Thyroid cancer. It is obviously of particular concern as the Thyroid is so close to my vocal chords. While this is not the kind of news anyone wants to hear, with my doctors help I have studied my case and this type of cancer has a 97% cure rate.On Wednesday, July 2nd at 8:45am I will have a total Thyroidectomy. This will be followed by a series of further tests and treatments to ensure it has not spread to any other parts of my body. I don’t wish for anyone to be unnecessarily alarmed, but I do ask for your prayers.In the meantime, let us all pause to reflect on what we are doing with our lives, how we are spending them… and what we should be doing, thinking, or saying that we are not. Let’s turn it up a notch and start living life just a little more fully.m.*

An update on Matthew Kelly’s thyroid cancer:

"The news is good from Matthew’s surgery! Everything went very smoothly yesterday and Matthew woke up this morning feeling good…with accent intact! He will be recovering in the upcoming weeks, though has been told he can soon resume regular life. At this point, continued prayers would be a beautiful gift, but we should also start flooding the heavens with prayers of thanksgiving!

Matthew and all of us here at the Foundation, have been deeply touched by the outpouring of love and prayers during the past month. It’s an amazing Body of Christ that we are all a part of together. Thank you for your love and prayers."

Maybe its a bit late for this, but... One of Matthew Kellys earlier messages has God the Father saying: “Woe to you unbeliev-
ers who claim that these messages are from the deranged mind of a young boy - you will
feel My wrath on Judgement Day!”.
Considering the fact that, at best, these alleged messages can be only private revelations,
and apart from the receiver, no one is obliged to accept them (and this includes approved
ones like Fatima), then the above message, at least, is not from Heaven.

Im on friendly terms with some of the folks who were involved with Matthew Kelly early on, here in Australia. Theyre reluctant to speak about him, but the upshot of probing them was
that they eventually came to the conclusion that he is not genuine, and is “in it” purely “for the
money”. They all said that he knows how to put it over an audience.

I rest my case.

I am also looking for current thoughts. Not, “I met him in 1994 and he’s a great guy.”

Is he someone to bring to my parish?

From what I`ve been told; NO.

I had no personal experience of him (its not my kind of thing), but the people I talked to are the type who are a bit too ready to go chasing after every alleged supernatural phenomenon, so if THEY had to dump him, Id say to steer well clear of him. Apparently, he has a helluva lot of charisma. You just don`t know what sort of subtle error might be woven in with the good stuff. The closer heresy is to truth, the more dangerous it is. A good talker can get away with a lot.

That “message” above your post is downright wrong!

Saint John of The Cross and other mystics warned us about alleged mystical experiences. Actually, Saint John said that we should take for granted that that sort of thing is demonic until proved otherwise. Thats certainly a prudent course to take. Its dangerous to want to have supernatural experiences, too. The fella down under is only too happy to oblige.

I came across some unfavourable statements ahout Matthew on “Unity Publishing”. Not qualified to comment on those, but …

A bit longwinded, but I feel under an obligation to give a warning …

I suffer from scruples, but I don`t feel any guilt about the statements just made.

You orta try to get hold of someone like Father Corapi!

Since doing that post sbove yours, I`ve learnt the proper way to type in stuff.
That quote looks hideous! It makes me cringe!

no link to any statement by the young man’s bishop, so what are we discussing?

You`ll have to expand on that question.

Who IS the young man`s bishop?

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