Anyone familiar with Matthew Kelly?

how would I know I am not the person who asked the question, before anybody here starts promoting any so-called private revelation they had better start with a statement from that person’s bishop approving the alleged events. The several people who spoke positively about the gentleman in question, and the link the provided, provides no such statement, therefore there is nothing to discuss on this forum. What is to expand on? provide the church approval or cease discussing the person and his supposed messages. The link provided is to a consulting firm that evidently uses Kelly as a motivational speaker. How does that equate to any matter for discussion on this particular forum?


Ummmm … I`m more confused than ever.

This thread started on 27th June 2004. Until my own not exactly enthusiastic comments at Post #16, everyone was singing his praises. My answer to Graces question was even more critical. Duh, I CERTAINLY WASNT PROMOTING HIM; IN FACT, THE EXACT OPPOSITE!.

If I had my own way, thered be warnings about him plastered up all over the place. Better to cast doubts on one person than to risk damaging the souls of countless thousands. Thered be warnings about a lot of others, too!!!

“There is nothing to discuss on this forum.” Except to issue a warning!

As far as the link goes, youd have to ask whoever put it there: I didnt even bother to go into it.

There are far too many gullible Catholics around, including on CAF. But, how many take any notice when they`re warned?

Bear with me; I`m obviously missing something somewhere …

Ummmm … Im more confused than ever. ** This thread started on 27th June 2004. **Until my own not exactly enthusiastic comments at Post #16, everyone was singing his praises. My answer to Graces question was even more critical.

Hi Sunna,
I am the one who dug this up from the archives. I can’t find anything on him that is recent. I went to his website, and it doesn’t say anything about being Catholic. Is he like a Tony Robbins for Catholics? I can’t even tell. My gut says “Amway salesman.” :cool:

After all, no moderator or administrator or whoever had bothered to do anything about it. And it had been there for 5 1/2 years.

Sorry! I get a bit cranky when challenged.

He’s scheduled to come to my former parish, so I was just wondering.

Hello Grace
It might be better if we send each other private messages.
Can you send one first? i seem pretty good at messing it up!

Glad i found this forum. I don’t have enough formal learning to know about Matthew Kelly. He will be speaking at the parish in April. I skimmed thru some of his books.Most Catholic books have recommendations on the bak covers or Preface by those coming for Ignatius or Sophia Press.or EWTN . None have an imprimayur ot Nihil Obatate. Is there any way I can check to see if he follows Church teaching?Gratefully for any help

All talk of apparitions and locutions (or lack thereof) aside, I wouldn’t bother.

I heard him speak at a local church a few years ago (several evenings in a row, a “parish mission” sort of thing).

I was totally unimpressed.

He is a slick presenter, but I found his material to be a lot of “fluff.” I didn’t learn anything new or un-obvious that would help my spiritual growth. Just a lot of “be the best person you can be” kind of stuff. Ugh. I’m just not into motivational speakers.

If you want to bring someone into your parish for a great parish mission, invite one of the Fathers of Mercy. 100% Catholic.

if you have questions or doubts about any speaker or presenter who has been invited to your parish, call the Bishop’s office and ask if the event or speaker has been approved. chances are the bishop knows nothing about it.

I’d walk on my lips to hear Matthew Kelly speak in person.

I’ll give you a date and an address. Will someone please bring a video camera? :smiley:


Would you please expound? Can you say what he will talk about?
I can’t find anything on his website that says anything about being holy, Catholic, or Christian. It might just be a marketing ploy to get more people in, but having been at the forefront of many Christian marketing ploys, I tend toward skepticism in this area.

All I want is some updated info on what he is all about.

Will he help me grow closer to Christ?

Why not read one of his books and see what you think?

A parish near my neighborhood had many copies of one of them for sale at a discounted price in the vestibule last fall. I read part of it and was not particularly impressed, but that’s mainly because I don’t like to be told “you should” all the time.

Another neighboring parish has scheduled him to come and speak in a couple of months.

Somebody likes him.


It depends on what he is scheduled to speak on.

Maybe listen to him on podcast or get some of his books?

Some of his talks are:

Rediscovering Catholicism (every Parish should be handing these books out by the basketful).

The Seven Levels of Intimacy (a must read book for all married people!)

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

The topics for his upcomint speaking engagements are listed on his website

Thank you!!!
Just what I was looking for! :thumbsup:

When I went there a few days ago, the links weren’t working. They are now. Thank you!

:thumbsup:Thank you for your info . i have gone to all the sites mentioned an looked quickly thru 3 of his books. None give any facts about his religious training background .There is no mention wgich scripture texts he uses. I have letters and emails out to my diocese.At this time I would not want hm teaching about Our Faith.There are too many others who have (from my observation)better qualifications Sounds like a slick talker on the fair grounds circuit. God bless Mom of 11 granny to 24.

Matthew Kelly`s background is Catholic. Australian.

PLEASE read Post #16 and following… That more or less sums him up. Post #23 “Amway Salesman” Dead right!

Avoid him like The Plague! He`s a smooth talker! And writer!

Neither have I, and I’m subscribed to his newsletter. :shrug:

He’s great for the kids; it’s all the obvious stuff that kids need to be told (work hard, focus your energy on your goals, you won’t meet your goals if you keep sabotaging yourself, etc.) - he’s kind of a “Dale Carnegie” for our times.

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