Anyone familiar with "The Egypt Game"?

My niece is reading a book entitled “The Egypt Game” by Zilpha Keatly Snyder for her 6th grade Catholic school class. When she was playing with my kids yesterday, my wife told me that she asked to build an altar and needed some stuffed animals. My wife didn’t like the sounds of this and put an end to it.

I tried doing some Internet searches and I see that a lot of Catholic schools are reading this book, even though it contains “idol worship and divination” (according to some reviews). I’m amazed that I can’t come up with any negative reviews, especially for using this book in a Catholic school.

Is anybody familiar with this book? Even if there is some kind of “positive message” contained in it, aren’t there better books to be reading in Catholic schools? My 12 year old daughter said, “Couldn’t they read books about the Saints?” (Makes sense to me!)

I’d love to hear some feedback about this book…

God Bless,

Have you read this book? I don’t know how fast you can read but if it is sixth grade level you can probably handle it right? :shrug: First hand knowledge could help.

As for making an altar - I don’t think that is too scary. It is just imaginary play right? Who did your daughter want to make an altar too? On the other hand you don’t want your daughter opening herself up to any evil influences.
But I would explain to her what an altar is and where it is appropriate.
Just some suggestions.

I read “The Egypt Game” when I was a kid. It’s about kids who pretend they’re ancient Egyptians and learn about their dieties, make head-dresses and robes out of what they can find and have “ceremonies.” Only scary if you think pretending a stuffed dog is Anubis will lead her away from the True Church.:wink:
If it intrests her, its a good way to get her learning about history, but, for sure, read it yourself and see if there’s anything objectionable, you could also use it to facilitate a discussion with her about God vs. pretend gods.
BTW, when I was a kid my brother and I would pretend the stuffed animals and the cabbage patch dolls were at war. The stuffies always won. Neither of us is a homicidal maniac as an adult. (Yet.:D)

Why not teach them a real Egyptian game? The Game of Senet is a great game that even young children can be taught how to play. We have two versions of the game, as it is very attractive. It’s a race game, a lot like Candy Land and a million other kids’ games.

Maybe the teacher will settle for your child learning to play Senet and teaching others as opposed to altar-building.

I read that book when I was in 5th grade and LOVED it. Zilpha Keatley Snyder is still one of my favorite authors - I devoured a number of her books back then. The children in the story are playing just what the title suggests - a game. They are not really worshipping anything, it is all pretend. I am glad to hear they are reading this, rather than some of the garbage that is being published nowadays.

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