Anyone familiar with this haydock bible version from lulu? (daniel egan)


I know there is the catholic treasures version of the haydock but I am trying to find one with larger font commentary. I came across this one:

It says this version has size 9 font for the commentary which seems to be bigger than the catholic treasures version (I remember reading somewhere that it had size 6?). Does anyone here have this version? Or familiar with it? is it comfortable reading or still a strain on the eyes at that size?


You might be able to judge for yourself. In the link you provided, there is a “Preview” link under the cover picture. If you click on that link, you can view some of the pages. If you advance to page 9 or 10 of the Bible you can compare the Bible text and commentary text together. By clicking once on the “+” button, I pretty sure I was able to enlarge the text to actual size. (The dimensions of the Bible are given as 8.5 wide and 11 tall. Assuming that is in inches, it is the size of a regular sheet of typing paper. Using a sheet of typing paper folded in half as a guide, measure from the center of the text to an outside edge of a margin. Enlarge the display until matches the size of typing paper and you have actual size.)


Not familiar with this one, but I have an original one. In that, the printed page is 8.5 X 11, but that doesn’t include 1" margins all the way around (making the physical sheet 10.5 X 13"). So the linked Bible will have not only small print, but VERY CLOSE print. (There is a warning to this effect on the webpage.) It would be a perfect cheap paperback version, as long as you have a magnifying glass, and don’t intend to read this Bible for long periods of time. IOW, as a reference, it would probably be great! Even my original Bible is way too large and heavy to use practically as a reading Bible. Use a small D/R bible as your reading bible, and keep this other one handy for reference. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


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