Anyone feel guilty about missing mass?


I am home this morning because I am not feeling well. Fever, body aches, and, well, just yucky. Since I am a nurse practitioner, I ran a blood count on myself yesterday, and have an elevated white cell count. Anyway, I feel so incredibly guilty about not making myself go to mass. I guess this is a good thing. I love mass so much. :slight_smile: Anyone else have these feelings? Sorry, I get kinda whiney when I don’t feel well. I am a really bad patient.:eek:


I’ve been suffering from really bad anxiety attacks, and I have not been to mass in a while. I am taking meds, but being that my DH has to work on sundays and takes the car, I do not go with anyone else, fearing that I will get one. I do not want anyone to leave mass, because of me. My DH job is far, so with the whole high gas issue and me fearing of having anxiety while driving all the way out there, well I just watch on EWTN. I do ask the Lord for forgiveness all the time and I get heat from people about it. I do understand their point of view, but anxiety has been the fiirst thing in my life, that I have not yet learned to overcome. I am working hard at it, though.
More than guilty, I feel concerned about it, but I keep daily communication with the Lord and I do everything that I can to overcome this thing. I know that God sees it all for what it is, not through the judgements of people, so that comforts me.


I feel guilt about missing mass too - I haven’t been able to go in several weeks thanks to my thyroid effecting my vision.

I can’t be out in sunlight at all right now - I pretty much have to be in a darkened room or it’s excruciatingly painful and I could go blind at any time.

so taking the bus with it’s 45 minute wait in bright sunlight in out of the question.

But I do feel guilty, especially since I can’t even watch mass on EWTN


No, when I have a just reason for missing mass I don’t feel guilty. I feel disappointed and I miss it but no , no guilt.


I sincerely hope you are feeling better,but I think it’s wise to stay home and not possibly infect others. Were you able to read the readings for today or maybe catch a televised Mass? That always helps me :).
Take care of yourself!


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