Anyone from Colorado Springs?


We are considering relocating in a few years. We have vacationed in Colorado Springs and Denver a couple of times, and have fallen in love with the beauty of Colorado. Do any of you live in this area? How are the local churches? I know that of course Archbishop Chaput is awesome, but what about the run of the mill parishes?


I visited Colorado Springs 2 years ago. It is an absolutely awesome place. There is so much to do there and in the surrounding area ( Rocky Mountain National Park) If I could afford to, I would move there in a heartbeat. As far as the parishes, check out That should help



I vacationed there at the end of August. I loved it. I attended mass at St. Patrick’s. It has a spectacular view of Pikes Peak. Seemed like a vibrant, strong parish.


While traveling on mission work, we broke down in Colorado Springs. The people were awesome! And the Church we attended (St.Mary’s I think) was wonderful. The people in the parish were so welcoming to us. They took the time to include the children and us in activities, and offered alot of emotional support. Also there are lots of volunteer opportunities, and social outreach programs in the area. We were able to continue work while broke down. And of course what a beautiful place to be.


I used to live there!

My family and I attended Holy Apostles Parish. At the time, we were the weird parish (holy rollers and such)
I haven’t attended Mass there in a few years, so I cannot attest to the current climate.
Family friends of ours attend St. Mary’s.


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