Anyone Going to DC for the Pro life Walk?

? just wondering?

No, I cannot this year, but something you may find interesting is the fact the I used to live in DC and worked for the media(s) as a logistics agent. I always had to work the day of the march, but got to see what went on behind the scenes. Cameramen and news reporters would always brag about how they could downplay the event by the way they covered it on TV. One year, a reporter found out that there was a small group of ‘radicals’ (about 25) that were banned from the march because of their inappropriate signs with foul remarks written on them. They were restricted to an area away from Penn Ave by police. So all three liberal Networks ( we know who) rushed to them, recorded their actions and comments and showed them as ‘The Face’ of the pro-life march, never once showing the actual march. Trust me, I could tell a thousand stories like that and is of the many reasons why I became catholic.

Every year many of us in the Catholic Student Union at my school go, we’ll be going again this year!!! Hope its the last one we ever have to attend!

I am going for the first time- I am in RCIA and am really looking forward to it! Coming from a church that could care less about this to a culture of life is amazing!

God bless you all !

Wow, that’s not a huge surprise. Very sad, really. It’d kind of pathetic how immature some of those media groups are.

I’m thinking about driving to West Falls Church Metro and taking the rail in…where do they start and what time???

It starts with a rally at the National Mall, 12:00 noon, then March at 1-1:30 to the Supreme Court. There is an alternate route back to the Mall.

Thanks for the info! Sadly, I do not live close enough to DC area to attend.

I am going! :thumbsup: My youth group is taking a bus from New Jersey early on Monday morning.

My plans for the walk got 86ed…have to be home for the younger kids getting off the bus. Wanted to go with my oldest, 20 y.o. son. I was young when we had him…not knowing how things could possibly turn out, but we took a chance at life. Can’t think of anyone else better to be there with. Samson

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