Anyone going to read this book?

A co-worker of mine just bought this book by Richard Dawkins called “The God Delusion”. Anyone have any thoughts ahout the book or Dawkins?


I don’t read fiction.


Atheists are going mad for it in the UK - some see it as the book to end all religion(?!!) - it, and it’s author have been really hyped up over the past few months by the media. I intend to read it at some point, but in anticipation I bought Alsiter McGrath’s “The Dawkins Delusion”. It’s McGrath’s response to Dawkins’ book and is not a big book, which probably says something about what he thinks of Dawkins arguments! Although he gives Dawkins credit where credit is due.

McGrath’s real problem with Dawkins is his fundamentalism. He see’s the book as a rant rather than an argument. However, you should probably make up your own mind.

The Dawkins Delusion

Here’s a good alternative for the scientifically minded

The Language of God by Francis Collins

Nope. Too much other good stuff out there.

I agree. The only problem is people like my co-worker are going to fall victim to this junk!

Let them borrown your Diary of Divine Mercy for a bit of light lunch time reading, instead! :slight_smile:

I read it. Best to be familiar with the adversarial position. After reading it, I read McGrath’s refutation. Let me assure you there is absolutely nothing in Dawkins book to fear or worry about. His basic argument is a strawman. And his arrogance is astonishing. If you are really interested in arming yourself to debate with your friend, I suggest you read it. If you have any difficulty identifying his many obvious errors, (I doubt you will) get hold of McGrath’s book (it’s a cheapie). Or come back to CAF. There are many threads on Dawkins.

Not to worry!:thumbsup:

Are the threads in CAF?

Yes. There are many. You can search “athiesm”, “Dawkins”, “God Delusion”.

Based on my experience in dealing with Atheists, it is more productive to talk about his difficulties in dealing with life, instead of why I believe in God.

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