Anyone had a near death experience or died and came back to life?

If you have,did you see a light when you died?
Anything like that

My dad once went into cardiac arrest. He just happened to be sitting in a cardiac center across the street from the hospital, talking to a nurse and receiving a weekly I.V. drip when it happened. He was revived using difibrillator paddles and lived another seven years.

His version of the story: “I was just sitting there talking to the nurse and I started feeling a little bit dizzy. The next thing I knew I was lying on my back on the floor and there were many people around me who were a whole lot more excited than I was.”

Then after they got him onto the cart and began wheeling him toward the hospital, he remarked that didn’t see any bright lights or anything like that when he was out. Then he got a mock-horror look on his face and said, “oh, no! I hope I wasn’t supposed to be watching for flames!”


Yes, I have had a near-death experience, when I was eighteen and had an overdose of hallucinagenic drugs. It wasn’t a glorious experience; it was rather terrifying. But what I learned is that it wasn’t yet my time and that God had other more important plans for me in life, which definitely didn’t include more hallucinogens! Praise be to Him!!

My mother-in-law did. She experienced the tunnel and she felt much love. She was mad as heck when they brought her back. She was never afraid of dying after that.

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