Anyone have a recommendation?


My parents are getting older and are starting to have some serious health problems. I am in my 30s and they are just turning 70. Our family are all devout Catholics.

Aside from prayer and reflection, and of course love and kindness, one of the things I feel the need to do is some reading on caring for your parents or elders at this time of life, something I feel very unprepared for. I could just go to Barnes and Noble or on Amazon and order some books on eldercare, etc., but what I would really like is to learn from those who have gone through this if there is any book or resource written from a Catholic perspective. I tried searching on EWTN’s catalogue but didn’t see anything that applied. Father Groeschel’s “Arise from Darkness” has been a great help to me, spiritually, when I have had problems in my own life, I guess I am looking for something like that, if you’re familiar with it.

Thanks and God bless!


Are they still involved in some peer group where they can be energized? The worst problems of the elderly are caused or rooted in loneliness and inactivity. In our parish, we have organized an Association of the Elderly under the spiritual guidance of our Parish Priest, under the auspices of our Family and Life Ministry. They meet together regularly for fellowship, prayers, pastoral formation talks, and even physical exercises and some dancing. Most of the members are above 70. I suggest you touch base with your parish if there is such a similar group. Of course this does not abscond towards the love, care and support that are essential from family members towards their elders.
God bless.


My Parish as a Nurse who is retired. Ask around in your Parish and see. He or she may be able to steer you in the right direction. It’s a great thing what you are doing for your parents.


I haven't read Father Groeschel's book yet, but I enjoy listening to the podcasts of series he has done over the years for EWTN on their radio website and on the Immaculate Heart Radio website. The subject of elder care is very broad and I don't have a particular book in mind, but there is a wealth of information on sites such as AARP and on individual state and federal government websites to begin your research. Your pastor can probably direct you toward Catholic-based organizations and sevices locally. One thing that I have found is that the caregiver needs the support of family members and frank discussions with parents regarding their wishes. God bless you for being such a caring child.


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