Anyone have any book suggestions?


Hi all,
I’m a twenty four year old woman, a full time teacher and graduate student. I’m very happy with my life right now and not at all in a hurry to get married, but I am interested in finding more information on the right way to go about finding a suitable spouse one day.(soon perhaps :wink: )

Does anyone have any book or resource suggestions that would shine some light on the subject? Also, what has worked for everyone here when in came to finding the one who was just right for you?

Thanks in advance to all who answer - Many blessings.:slight_smile:


Well, although Scott Hahn’s First Comes Love isn’t exclusively about marriage, it is a great reflection on the similarity between the Trinity and the Christian family. A very good read. Also Deus Caritas Est. Again, they’re not completely focused on marriage, but on love, which is central to a marriage.

Prayer never hurts either!


The best practical book I’ve ever read on dating and discernment is Date or Soul Mate by Dr. Neil Clark Warren. It’s not a Catholic book, but it is extremely good.

From a theological and spiritual discernment standpoint, Three To Get Married by Archbishop Fulton Sheen can’t be topped.


Thanks very much everyone - I’ll be looking up all these titles this week then :slight_smile: .

And you’re right, prayer is a good idea too!


If you figure out how clue me in. As for books well “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is a good one to read just to get a handle on the differences in how box sexes think. Also “He’s Just Not Into You” is a good one for spotting bad relationships early and rooting them out. There’s a lot of books out there about how to find a spouse but understanding the differences between how men and women think as well as respecting those differences is important as well. Of course I’m not married and don’t have a BF so you can take my advice for what it’s worth. :eek: :slight_smile:


a good dating site is


The Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West

The ABC’s of Choosing a Good Husband/Wife by Steve Wood


I found this book to be aimed at people under age 21. I think it is VERY simplistic and completely geared to teenagers living at home with mom and dad or young people who are just leaving home and going to college.

IMHO it’s not really a good resource for someone who is older, has put in serious thought and discernment regarding their vocation, and is on their own financially, professionally, etc.


Arms of Love by Carmen Marcoux.

And the sequel, Surrender.



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