Anyone have good knowlege on these things

I need a bit of knowlege if anyone can help

Today at work a guy got off a chair and I then sat on it looked at the guy next to me and i said to him “I have a nice warm chair”. The guy then said some comments about the guy that was sitting on the chair before me saying about how you dont want to sit on that chiar that guys a poof and a few other gay coments. I heard some and others I didnt hear them but knew what he was saying.

The problem is I looked at him with a bit of a smile and I laughed alittle knowing what he was saying wasn’t a good thing.


last week some other guy said a impure comment about I put fish down my pants and do some sort of action with them. I didn’t laugh or smily right away but he then repeated the comment and knowing its not good however I pretended what he said was good pretending i was laughing.

Would this be a mortal sins at all. the one that happened last week i ignored it because I’m not the one who said the comment but the one about the warn seat i dont know what to think. Anyone have good knowlege on these things.

Please see your pastor for spiritual guidance on these matters. You cannot continue to come here asking if every situation you encounter is a sin. This is an indication you may have some scrupulous tendencies. PLEASE talk to your pastor, not random people on the internet.

Yes you have sinned but you are not in danger of hellfire. However ever time you sin it is like stabbing Jesus in the back.

You should speak to your pastor, you seem be a scrupulous person; which can lead to problems.

*priest, not pastor, sorry >_>

For Catholics, our pastor is a priest. :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree that you should talk to your priest about these matters.

I sympathize with you, jesus4ever. I have a tendency to smile and chuckle to get out of uncomfortable situations, too. Your priest will be in the best position to guide you in these matters.

Our parish has like 12,000 families. I estimate about 300 of them may have some degree of OCD causing them to be anxious, and possibly scrupulous about multiple questions every single day. Our Priest is not a specialist in anxiety disorders, or their treatment. Imagine him fielding several questions a day from these 300 parishioners…

A person with OCD just needs good friends to affirm them on a daily basis. They just want a little reassurance to calm their anxiety.

It is actually good that you are noticing your reaction. You are becoming a stronger person because you are seeing that you have a “go along” kind of tendency. So many people do. I have found myself chuckling along at something even when i didn’t really feel humor. I was just going along as well but I do it a lot less these days.

What you and I have to do is recognize that you are different. All you have to say is what you really think. “I don’t appreciate your humor about gays.” Sure he might have something to say about you to some other guy behind your back. he might say, “That guy might be gay too.” The people listening to him might even believe him. What can you do about it? Do you want to “go along” with the creep so no one believes his lies?

It’s a weak form of bullying and peer pressure. It works best on people that desire to be accepted. The threat hangs in the air that if you don’t wink and smile he’ll have something to say about you as well. Break free. Tell him what you really think and this will make you stronger.

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