Anyone have info about Norbertine Oblates?

Can anyone please point me into the right direction regarding Norbertine spirituality and maybe some accounts of their Oblation programs? I realize that they probably all differ, but I cant find much.
I have read small biographies about St. Norbert, but I am curious about the order’s charism.

Thank you

St Norbert is one of the apostles of the Eucharist. He founded his community before the Dominicans, and based his constitutions on the Rule of St Augustine. Their nuns’ habit is white with black veil, but no scapular. They do wear a rochet, since they are considered canonesses. The nuns accept donate sisters.

St Michael Abbey in Orange, CA would be your best bet for more information. They run a high school. Fr Nelson would be a good one to talk to. They have a third order like other orders.

Wasn’t Norbertine something you mix with milk to make it chocolate ?:smiley:


There is also Benedictine dip.



Thank you Cloisters.

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