Anyone have info on K.Hovnanian Home builders


i’m looking at one of their subdivisions in virginia


I haven’t built one of their homes but they have an excellent reputation here in PA. They are also ranked number 1 or 2 on the JD Power and associates rankings of new home construction up here. We were seriously considering them but then found out we were moving again.


thanks so much for the super fast response
that is promising; i will look into them further

any other posters have thoughts???


My parents bought their home from Brighton, which is under Hovnanian. Their experience was only mediocre.

There was a leak in the dining room and the brick facade had to be removed from out front, they took FOREVER to fix some paint problems inside, even longer forever to stretch the carpet that wasn’t installed properly, and they are hosing them on a microwave that was obviously dropped before it was installed…

But I’m sure it varies greatly from state to state. My folks are in TX.


:eek: thanks for the info


well this doesn’t look too good:rolleyes:

i don’t think i ever want to build a house; too much stress


Yikes, that doesn’t look promising:eek:.

Hubby and I were going to have a new home built from the ground up but God helped us along. In the end we ended up buying a “spec home” in the same model as the show home we fell in love with. It was already up and built and on a great lot. Sure, the colors aren’t what I would have chosen, but it’s HOME!



Right, after seeing my parents go through the headache of buying a brand new house, and going through an even worse headache of taking on a huge renovation on a house built in 1920, I am totally in favor of buying an established place where most of the problems will have already surfaced, but new enough or maintained such that disrepair and constant maintenance will not be a problem.


that sounds exactly like what i’m thinking:thumbsup:


You can read about my nightmare experiences with K. Hovnanian @ my website:

Also, 2 out of the top 12 website dealing with builders by BusinessWeek are for K. Hovnanian.

See the BusineesWeek article here:

Be sure to view the slide show.

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My folks live in a K-Hov place (probably the same place you’re looking at in VA. There are some on the resale market that were built in 2003.) My folks love their home!! PM me if you want. Wait… I’m looking at your age. You probably arent’ looking at their subdivision. But I have a friend in one in VA that is home to lots of families.

Coincidentally, I live in a Brighton home. Other than a few wiring issues of outlets that blew and had to be fixed, I’ve been very pleased. My home was built in '97.


My aunt and uncle just finished their house, and they said they were regularly in tears over frustrations with the house. One of their rooms turned out neon green instead of the soft green they had selected, for instance. There were many more severe things that happened (and their builder really was great, but when you’re building a big house, things happen), but I don’t remember them now. I agree that it would probably be too much stress for me. But on the other hand, it would be so much fun to be able to pick whatever you wanted in a house, alter the plans to fit your family, etc. :slight_smile:


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