Anyone have the melody of "Sing my tongue the savior's glory"?

Does anyone have the music for this song? Even if just the vocal line, even if you transcribed it yourself. Let me know.

I don’t know anything about music (although I generally recognize it when I hear it), but have you looked at:

You can listen to the midi version to make sure it is the right tune, and if it is you can view the score if you have the Note Worthy Composer software.

If you lack Not Worthy Composer, you can download a free version at:

Thanks! I can’t check if the midi works from here or not as I have no player on this computer but I’ll check it when I get home. I never even knew the song was by St. Thomas Aquinas. (No wonder it’s so awesome then). Now to see if I can convince our youth group to include it in their song list…

Hey Flopfoot what do you think of the group 'Cold Play?

(Why, did they cover the song or something? Otherwise that question is hugely off topic… not a big deal for a little thread in the Popular Media subforum though).

They’re alright, though not one of my favorite bands. I listened to a few of their songs 'cause one of my friends was a huge fan, even listened to the entire “X&Y” album. The only song of theirs I can remember liking a lot is “Clocks”.

Yes I knew it was off topic …I thought of it while reading this one…I was thinking of more info on them when I posted to you…my apologies…I’ll ask the mod to delete … cheers

I don’t really understand your post? Anyway, don’t bother asking the mods to delete, it’s no big deal, this is pretty much an open and shut question. I wasn’t at all upset about the off topicness (I was merely surprised at how you linked the two) so no need to apologise.

If you can’t find it as “Sing, my tongue, the Savior’s glory” try its original Latin title “Pange lingua.”

I have this music!

PM me with your email address and I will email it to you within the next week as a PDF file. (I will do it with our special machine in the office)

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