Anyone hear "Bella" star on Relevant Radio today?


Eduardo Verastegui was on with Drew Mariani this afternoon on Relevant Radio:thumbsup:. His story is absolutely amazing!!! I used to watch him on the Spanish soap operas once in awhile, I stopped watching because they have gotten so tasteless:mad:!

Anyway, I’ve attached some pictures of him, he is a very good looking man and he will need our prayers to help him follow through with his promises to God. I’m sure he has women “offering” themselves to him all the time:mad: :tsktsk:.

He is an inspiration and has renewed my faith in men, as he finds himself in a career with so much temptation and where morals are thrown out the window, he has decided to give his life and talents to our Lord and for our Lord.

If only my soon to be ex would have a conversion like this:(, I guess I’ll just have to keep praying for him.


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