anyone heard of Bill Keller??

He is a Fundamentalist. He has a worldwide e-mail called the daily devotional. He slammed Churches that use Gambling as ways to earn money. Especially Parish Picnics, he compared it to Porn. He won’t come out and say the CATHOLIC Church but there is no doubt who he is referring to.

He doesn’t seem to have a web site of any kind. All Google turned up (in the first two pages of results, anyway) were references to New York Times columnist Bill Keller. From this, I gather he’s not very widely known and therefore basically harmless. Not knowing anything about this man or his ideas outside of what you’ve told us, I hesitate to comment on him except to say that he sounds as if he’s either woefully misguided, or selling something.

I thought you were inquiring about Billy Keller of the Indiana Pacers during the old ABA days. He was a short guy, but a great 3 point shooter.

I’ve never heard of him, but he’s probably one of these wackos the heard God call him during the night to be a “minister”. Or he could be an ex factory worker that had his job sent overseas, and needed some easy way of making a living. Sorry for the sarcasm, but that is what I think of most of them.

Here is the guy’s web site

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