Anyone heard of the Kingdom/Pentecostal/Grace Gospels?


I’m involved in a debate on an MSN group, and this one Protestant group is talking about the idea of multiple Gospels. Has anyone else encountered such a thing elsewhere?

Here’s the group and the relevant posting thread.

It’s a really weird theology. The gist of it is that Christ came down from heaven to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies of a new kingdom of Israel, but the Israelites weren’t ready, so the Kingdom plan was scratched. Everything in the four Gospels was intended for the Jews and have little to no relevance for the current Church because we are based around Paul’s new, revealed Gospel to the Gentiles. There was a Pentecostal Church in Acts until Paul was commissioned, and then we had the new Church which is the Church of Paul’s Gospel, totally based around Paul’s writings.

Like I said, it’s weird, and I’d like to know if anyone else has encountered anything like it and if there’s any resources available regarding it.




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