Anyone heard of this movie?

Hi, I remember seeing a movie when I was younger, but I cannot remember the name of it or the specific person it was about and hoped that someone here could help me out.

It was about a guy who basically lived sinfully (I think he was involved in an affair; I am not certain of this) and he got in a fight, I think with his brother, and ended up killing him. He was overcome with guilt and in prison, but a church leader came to visit him and gave him a second chance; at this point I remember a scene, where he threw all of his possessions off of a cliff, and was laughing because he realized how little they were worth compared with the hope he had found… anyways back to the story - basically he ended up leading a mission, I think it was in south america, to reach out to natives. It was successful and many natives were brought to Christ. I remember at the end there was this guy, who was an atheist, and for some reason he was coming to attack the mission, I don’t remember what the reason was. The people at the mission, including this saint, refused to leave, and at the end they were all killed.

I don’t remember any of the specific details or names in the movie… but i think the guy was from spain, and judging from the technicolor I am pretty sure this is an older movie, probably mid-to late seventies or early eighties. I was hoping someone here might help me remember.


It was “The Mission”; Robert De-Niro played the role you’re talking about; A slaver who kills his brother. Awesome and beautiful film. Released in 1986, the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone is excellent too. Go here to verify my answer: Oh and it’s easily available on DVD.

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