Anyone heard the Patrick Madrid vs J. Coleman Debate (mormon)?


I was curious to know if anyone here ever listened to the debate between Patrick Madrid and J. Coleman (LDS member) that took place in 1990… I know there were two of them, but I am referring to the first debate.

If anyone has heard this debate and has an opinion on the outcome and other notes of interest, I would love to hear about it…




I would love to hear these debates as well.


Yeah me the debate junkie has them on VHS. It is a teenage looking Pat Madrid debating Gary Coleman. No, not that Gary Coleman, the other one. Madrid showed his skills as a speaker even when he was just 16 at this old debate. :thumbsup:

Oh there were two of these? I think I have the earlier one then.

Phil P


Jason, I have a video of the debate. It was done with a great deal of amiability on the part of both participants. I would say that Patrick blew the LDS boat out of the water (in a very gentlemanly way, of course. :slight_smile: ). You can find the debate here (you’ll also find another debate between Patrick and another member of the LDS).


I don’t have money, Would you please send me a copy of the debate? My e-mail is


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