Anyone here a member of a Secular Institute? Or do you know of any?


I have recently felt a stirring in my heart that God may be asking something more of me than simply continuing on my current path. I am wondering if he might not be calling me to be in a secular institute. I’m simply open to the possibility at this point.

I’ve done some online research, and sent a few emails. I haven’t yet received any replies, but no worries about that.

Just wondering if anyone here knows anything about them, or if any of you CAF members are in a secular institute (please feel free to send me a private message if you’d rather not go public with your membership).

The link below is the only information I could find regarding secular institutes. It’s very helpful though!

Secular Institutes Directory**

And yes, of course, I’ll be talking with my pastor about this…after the parish festival this weekend.

God bless all y’all. :smiley:


ahh, for years now I have been seeking interested women/ladies in helping me establish a religious community and find that most want to go to established religious communities and wear a habit. Most do not want to give up their present lives or for one reason or another or not good canadates, and some must be eliminated out of hand for reasons that I can not state in a public forum. I have come to the conclusion that my concept of a new community will never happen and have accepted that "the hearvest is great, but the workers are few. I hope you find what you feel called to do. Peace and prayers for you.


I hope I can assist you both.

Gertabelle, one of my organization’s Cooperators is a secular institute member. I also received an email asking assistance for a group in FL who sound as if they are going that direction. One of our CAMM members is a Franciscan Missionary of Jesus Crucified. She is a lightning strike survivor, and the FMJC is specifically for those with disabilities, although they need “neurotypical” members (probably wrong word), too.

With the internet, receiving instruction via Skype is what’s happening. Mary Estelle, you could still have some kind of religious organization with everyone still in their homes. Don’t chuck everything just yet.

August is “Founder’s Month” because there are no less than 8 founder’s feast days, with seven of them having founded cloistered branches.



Thank you for the information!

I love that August is “founders’ month” – never heard of that before, though I can think of a few right off the bat, now that you mention it. :smiley:

I spent some time looking at the Franciscan Missionaries of Jesus Crucified. It’s a beautiful group, but not one I feel called to at all. I love that those that have severe disabilities have a place in which they can profess vows in the Church.

God bless you!


Here are a few SI links:

Provida Mater Ecclesia:

US Conference of Secular Institutes:

Essential Facts About Secular Institutes:

We Belong to the Lord: What is a Secular Institute?:



“Religious Life or Secular Institute?” By Jean Beyer, SJ:

Our Task:


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