Anyone here a third order Dominican?


I am curious to know more about what a lay Dominican actually does. I will be volunteering my time at the local monastery helping the nuns and I’ve always felt some deeper calling to the church. The other day at mass a brochure just happened to be laying in the pew next to me entitled “Become a Lay Dominican”. I looked later in the narthex of the church and this was the only copy of this particular brochure. I felt like God was giving me a sign to look further into it. I’ve visited a few websites and it gives me the basic overview of Dominican life but I’d like to know more about what they do as far as evangelizing, helping the community and things like that. Things like praying some of the LOTH, going to daily mass, going to confession regularly, reading scriptures and studying theology I already do on a regular basis so that seems like a good fit.


hi, I am in my first year (let’s say in “noviciate”, after 2 yrs as interested/candidate) . Lay Dominicans perform various roles and activities, based on personal gifts, oportunities etc. We support us by meeting regularly for Mass and Liturgy of hours (once a month) and study sessions (again once a month). In our group, many people work in publishing(it is a day job winning a bread) , outside the dayjobs some are in choirs and church service (maintenace, altar service), some organize street evangelization, and some “just” pray for the needs and those in need. What connects us is focusn on study and contemplation as a basis for evangelization (preaching) role, performed as mentioned based on particular person’s gifts, capabilities and situation.

Based on what you write younare a great fit, better than me actually, so go ahead. That is why there is a period of being candidate, novice and temporary (3yrs) vows; you can safely see if this is where God is calling you. Go ahead without fear


I’m in the inquiry stage right now. We gather together once a month. Formation classes are first, then the rest of the chapter arrives. We do morning prayer, socialize a bit, take care of chapter business, and then have a study (we’re currently in St Catherine of Siena’s The Dialogue). If time permits, we also say a rosary together.

Outside the monthly chapter, we also have ministries that we do in our local parishes, such as teaching CCD. We pray morning and evening prayer daily, as well as a rosary. Daily mass and spiritual reading (lectio divina) is encouraged (if possible) as is regular confession. I’m sure there is more that I haven’t figured out yet.

Hope that helps.




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