Anyone here an ex-SSPX parishioner?


When a local chapel was started over 40 years ago, the priest likely had different kinds of prior experiences working in the various parts of the Church, other than SSPX, so that was some assurance as to its Catholicity. But SSPX priests now likely have ministry experience only in SSPX.

The 1970s SSPX priest had experience working under Ordinaries, some of whom were orthodox, in the eyes of SSPX. He also had Direction from Archbishop L, who had experience as an Ordinary, who had served in a variety of ministry settings, as did many of the other early leaders. That variety of direct, personal hands on experience benefitted the 1970s chapels. It assured some degree of Catholicity. For a few years.



The situation has changed since your local chapel was founded. The attitudes of the SSPX Bishops, priests and faithful have hardened against Rome. The SSPX leaders know that union with Rome would split their Society; the hardliners would never unite with “Modernist Rome.” Sadly, many of the SSPX faithful grew up in the chapels, have been taught the SSPX views on the crisis, and have an instinctive suspicion against the Vatican.


that’s fair if you don’t like such threads but we need a little reality here, like why people really left.

In Europe, SSPX was sheltering a French Nazi collaborator Paul Touvier until a Nazi hunter found him. Whatever the religious issues involved with SSPX, there is this ominous and objectionable position of a supposedly Christian church . The man and his family was sheltered in a convent for over 40 years after WWII.


I’m interested in why people leave, but also interested in why some remain. When SSPX peeps come on CAF, they deserve to be treated as individuals, with respect. If I try to listen to them, they may listen to me. I assume they are not all alike.

(I sometimes attend diocesan TLM, but usually my own parish.)



Please give us a break, “A Nazi Collaborator”. -

The Founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre, had his father give his life fighting against the Nazi forces. Every one has a soul, even former Nazi’s.

The Irony is that we have entire governments today that have no problem with Mass Murder of the innocent (we call it abortion) and nobody has a problem with that. Would you be against a priest because he looked after woman, who had an abortion and came to realize the error of her ways? -

The SSPX in upholding the doctrine of the Church, condemns everything that the Nazi’s stood for.

Was Pope Benedict XVI are supporter of the Nazi party even though he was part of the Hitler youth? - Of Course not. He opposed all it stood. I think people tend to want to take things out of context to fix their own agenda.


The following clip might be helpful in having a more objective look at the SSPX:


The book
“My brother the Pope” by Ratzinger’s brother details the Nazi issue well. BXVI was a guard for a manufacturer (BMW I believe) that made airplane engines for Germany. The Pope’s brother was a soldier in the German army and was shot by the Americans in Italy. Both children were in school/seminary when the war started and followed the political beliefs of their father who thought Hitler was an absolute buffoon. It is important to distinguish these two men as fighting for the German army which is not the same thing as being a Nazi. They were happy when the war was ended. And though treated badly (understandably) by the victors (particular the Americans) they had no ill will and were just glad the war was over. They were able to then continue studies and become priests.

One extraordinary passage in the Chapter that deals with the war was the brother describing marching in Rome in the “Shadow of St. Peter’s” and looking longingly to the Church with such fatigue and dread all around.

So you can see there is a lot to history. It isn’t fair to judge the SSPX by a Bishop.


One thing that always bothers me is the vitriol and even anger towards the SSPX by others. We don’t do this with others. We don’t attack with vitriol and accusations on non Catholic denominations that are more horrendous and rejectful than the SSPX. And Francis particularly encourages the “peripheries” which the SSPX could be seen as. So as we debate adultery and Communion, Homosexual persons and the Church, and any other periphery, so too must we charitably deal with the SSPX. As Cardinal Bergoglio said “you are truly Catholic” When he vouched for the SSPX to remain in Argentina as part of the Church. And Benedict XVI along with Francis have together restored several permissions and sacraments to the SSPX. It would seem that it is entirely possible they need not sign any document at all if the Pope wishes to not have them do that. And with one stroke of the pen the Pope could deem them as valid as any priest or society. We would do well to speak with reservation with our brethren in a irregular situation. Pope Francis is criticized by me and many traditionalists as for not really seeming to care about cannon law. The Irony is that same criticism works to the advantage of the SSPX and their position. “you can hear confessions” now becomes the authority of the Pope over the other Bishops. Double Irony for the idea that Francis upon election made a point of putting himself on the level of “just a Bishop” This is so odd. Because the very idea of Francis doing what he does with the SSPX, the SSPX would hate against any other group.
I am an SSPX sympathizer. It is the only latin Mass within 8 hours drive in my diocese. But I am not a “member.” Whatever that means.


I think the word you’re looking for is “supporter”.


In exchange for sympathizer? No. I sympathize with their position. I guess I support their position intellectually. I dont support them monetarily but to be fair I would never support my parish financially either. I do volunteer my time and talent to my parish and not the sspx. But I do support the Catholuc Church as a whole. Of which the sspx are members.


Each year some attached laity or priests of SSPX enter into full communion with the Church, are recognized in their diocese and/or a religious order or join a parish. They get active as priests or laity in the Church itself. They now participate in diocesan prolife and other ministries.

This is not hypothetical. It happened last year. It will happen this year. Religious media tend to ignore them, and focus on new Permissions, Recognition, High Level Meetings, Stroke of Pen.
More important is the people.

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