Anyone here ever biked the KATY trail?


Anyone here ever biked the KATY trail?

Exercise (anyone in the iron game out there?)


I’ve not biked the entire trail (though a friend of mine has). However, we regularly bike a good section near our home (Jefferson City).


My target date is June 15th. From pleasant Hill to the confluence of Mississippi River and Missouri River. Four days, then take Amtrak back to my home.


Thirty miles today round trip. This is the Rock Island Spur near Pleasant Hill.



Crawford Creek


This is an undeveloped portion of the trail in south KC. This pic is from early spring.



Forty one miles today.

Neither lock was there Friday when rode. The lock on the right was not there Sunday when I rode east. On the return trip west it was there.


It may be a group now.


Fifteen miles today.


It’s nine degree’s today. I won’t be getting any training in.


I am stuck riding a stationary bike indoors today because of the cold.


Otterville, Mo. A few miles south of the KATY. According to another monument in 1876 Jesse James robbed a train in the valley below.


:biking_man: :biking_man:




Nineteen mile today. From Chilhowee to Windsor. Should have been a round trip, but my partner had trouble with his bike.





Thirty mile training ride planned today. Supposed to be nearly 60. Super windy though.


Got to get some mileage in this weekend.

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