Anyone here go RVing?


We are about to go RVing a lot & I’m wondering what we need in the way of essentials…I am most interested in the type/brand name of campstove/grill that you have found most useful & anything else that you particularly like…any good advice you have & any good campgrounds in the south/southeast you prefer & why…can’t wait to hear your good ideas!!! Thanks!!


My wife and I recently bought our first RV and have only been out two times, so we are also new to it. I did find these checklist that may help you. It help us know what to bring along.

We have only stayed at KOA campsites and love those that we have stayed out in our new RV. We rented years ago and also stayed at Good Sam campgrounds and they were nice also. Our favorite is the KOA campgrounds. West Palm Beach here in Florida has a great campground that has Lion Country Safari within walking distance. I don’t know if you have ever camped, but the people are the most friendliest I have ever encountered. They helped us so much with the equipment of the RV and its hookups. So if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask one of your neighbors at the campsite.

Have fun!! It is so much fun!!:smiley: I would say more fun for the kids than us adults, but I only say that because my wife complained because she still had to cook. She would prefer a cruise where she can relax, but she did enjoy herself also.


Be sure to check out State Parks when looking for campsites.

Arkansas has some AMAZING State Parks, google “Crater of Diamonds State Park” for one example.


We’ve been camping in our Coleman fold-down/camping trailer since 1994 and I’ve worked for a major national RV dealer since then as well.

*]When camping with a family KEEP IT SIMPLE. Unless you prefer to be a slave in the kitchen, plan meals that use few dirty dishes/pans/utensils etc. so that clean up will be quick and easy. Think watermelon, corn on the cob, a pie maker for desserts as well as good grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs (gotta have a good, sturdy hot dog fork), don’t buy marshmallows EVER at a campground store (they’re expensive!), if your family requires dinners that can’t be easily cooked in one pot over the campfire consider making something at home and warming it up in the pan, cook beans in the can, use heavy duty foil to cook potatoes & other veggies…
*]Do not overpack. How much is too much? You’ll know when you spend all day unpacking when you return how much you need to pack the next time.
*]Bring at least one small bundle of firewood in case you can’t easily find some when you get to your destination. If you aren’t good a starting fires, don’t be embarrassed. Just invest in some cheap ‘fatwood’ or wax fire starters at your local camping store.
*]If you haven’t already, you may want to invest in a good woven carpet or mat to lie on the ground outside your RV. It will help catch much of the dirt before someone tracks it in.
*]Be prepared in case you end up having lots of rainy days. Make sure everyone has plenty of reading materials and the required card and board games.
*]Invest in a good Coleman fuel lamp, the kind that you pump and has either one or two fiberglass bags which glow when lit. The fuel lasts forever and one tank full can last an entire weekend. They are adjustable for brightness.
*]Keep a bunch of disposable containers in your RV for leftovers so you can store them safe and dry in your cooler or refer.
*]We keep pictures from camping trips years ago in an album in our camper. We love to look through them and add to them each year. Fun memories![/LIST]I could go on and on, but will spare you.:wink: Have any specific questions, ask. BTW, we have a coleman stove and have never once taken it to cook on. We use the firepit or outside propane stove on the camper.



Yes yes! I also highly recommend Queen Wilhelmina State Park.


I agree with the Coleman lantern. We still have ours and haven’t gone camping for about 10 years but we used to go frequently to the Mountains for a weekend. We didn’t RV though, we tented.

Okay, your RV should have a stove that uses either propane or white gas (think Colemans canned liquid type gas). If it doesn’t I prefer propane to white gas so I converted our ancient two burner Colemans to propane and it works really great.

Now, I got a medium size plastic storage container with a “deep lid”, inside of this I store a saucepan, a frypan (prefer cast iron), and cooking utensils. In another one I have plates, flatware, bowls and cups. I used the storage container with the deep lid as my dish pan and rinse pan. When you are done using the saucepan, heat water to boiling for your dishpan, add regular water to that.

Most of what I have told you though really doesn’t apply to any RV I know (even the fold downs) as they are pretty well self-contained.

Bring plenty of drinking water for everyone because you are not guaranteed pottable (drinkable) water if you are not going to a KOA and I personally wouldn’t go to one unless I was looking for a “cheap” place to stay while visiting a city.

Now as far as places to go, start with your local State and National Parks. Do a google with "camping (your State name here)’ or “(your State name here) State Parks”.

Gee, it is time for us to head out and go camping again! You all make me miss the mountains.

Brenda V.


we planned to be full-time RVers when we came down to TX, but lasted only 6 weeks, then bought a mobile home. tip: don’t camp in Texas in a tent trailer during hurricane season. Don’t camp on South Padre Island during Spring Break.


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