Anyone here have a masters Theology degree?

I recently graduated from college with my BA degree. (I’m not mentioning my area of study for privacy reasons.) I was at the top of my class though and I’m now interested in getting my masters in theology or catechesis. I noticed though in my quick search that Ivy League schools offer theology degrees and Christians study degrees. Would these be full of SJW professors or are they reputable programs? If they are a bit sketchy as far as the curriculum goes, I would only focus my search on catholic schools. Are there any programs anyone here recommend I look into? Thanks and God bless!

what Is SJW?

Social justice warrior

What makes you think that a professor being involved in social justice causes a program to be “unreputable”. Social justice was a hallmark of Jesus’ teaching.

I attend a graduate school of theology, I am working on my degree in Pastoral theology. Some of my professors have leaned left. Some have leaned right. What that has done is given me a well-rounded education, and the ability to relate to more people.
Why would you only want to learn from people who agree with you? How are you going to learn to teach others the faith if you don’t interact with people who are in a different place spiritually?


And some theology consisders Leftism - as connected with the ‘theology’ of Satan…

IMO - Best to get to know Jesus Himself - via His GOSPEL / NT

In Catholic theological circles left-leaning does not equal satanic. :roll_eyes:🤷


In some so-called “circles” it does…

There must be False Shepherds - for Jesus told us…

And there are.

I’ve been exposed to well-known “theologians” who’ve been peddling Apostasy

Get to Know JESUS to the best of your ability directly Via His GOSPEL…

You do not need any sort of “middleman”

All you need is FAITH… !


I was hoping people would understand what I meant on a catholic website. SWJ types are pro abortion and disagree with the church on many topics. I’m talking about those people.

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I knew what you meant.
How are you supposed to evangelize/teach people who think differently than you if you don’t have a chance to interact with them?
We are meant to be light for the world, not just people we think like and agree with.


You are getting incredibly off topic and hijacking my thread. I asked about good degree programs. If you don’t know of any then you are not able to answer my question. I’m sure there are other topics here you can preach about.

And, FYI I’ve experienced 7 years at extremely liberal schools and it nearly killed me. Don’t really want to get into that here though. Maybe another time.

And by the way if you are so passionate about evangelization you should probably stop mingling on a catholic site and go out into the deep. It sounds like it s your calling. :wink:

It is actually not off topic to discuss the differences of theology degree programs. I see nothing off topic about discussing the possibility of going to a program with “both sides” as opposed to just the one you agree with.

Furthermore, to tell someone else to stop mingling on the Catholic site is not only rude, but judgmental. You assume to know what people do when they are not on this site, but you have no way of knowing.

For someone looking to do something with a theology degree, you should focus on compassion and politeness, and be open to seeing other ways of thinking besides your own.


You say you want an advanced degree in catechesis. Why? If you don’t want to be around people you don’t agree with. It is a fair question and very on topic.

The study of theology of any kind is an acedemic pursuit, not a spiritual one. Yes spirituality plays a part, but if you are not comfortable being around, discussing and learning from others who don’t think like you, maybe theology is not your calling.


EXACTLY - Abortion and Active Homosexualiity … to name a few -
have as their source in the pulpits of Satan…


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How are you ever going to convert hearts with rhetoric like this?🤷🙄


I’m not trying to convert hearts with that…

I’m correcting falsities with some in this discussion -

To any reading this: Yes… False Shepherds exist - and they peddle Apostasy

Keep your mind and heart upon JESUS - so that you won’t be led astray by anyone, simply because they’ve studied “theology” and go on to present themselves as actual mouthpieces of God

With God’s Spirit Guiding - It’s easy to Discern (NEVER JUDGE) the outpouring of others.


why are professors interested in social justice unreputable?

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thank you


Some are - for reason that said some have infused Marxism into their Social Justice spiel.


frankly predjudiced

and frankly rude by the sound of things too.

We’re all here to learn.

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