Anyone here have any experience with Roomba?


I was thinking of buying a Roomba.

Looked it up on line.

They used to have just one.

Now they have about 50 different models.

AND you can build your own!


Anyone have any actual experience with Roomba and any recommendations or suggestions.


Well, I don’t know if it qualifies as experiance but I was able to see one in a case-study I did.

They are smart, crafty little things that do an ok job of vacumming. The model I saw (3 or 4 years ago now) was pretty quiet. I would say it’d be good if you had a large living room/bedrooms and wanted to get vacuumning done while a tot was sleeping. We didn’t have any deep shag, so I don’t know how well it did on that…though from its size/weight I really can’t see it being all that wonderful. Again, if you have a big room with low carpet hight it will probably save you a good deal of time.

You do have to “teach” it the room.

What I was really impressed with was the scooba. It was AMAZING. It cleaned mutiple types of floors really well (we even tried it on a poured concrete deck). If I had money and hard floors I’d probably get one. Mopping is a much greater pain in the neck than vacuuming.


I do not have any first hand experience with a Roomba. But, just yesterday two ladies at work were discussing their Roombas and how they could never live without them. In fact, they were discussing getting additional Roombas for themselves and family for Christmas gifts.


For the disabled, they are a good thing. For anyone else, they are the epitome of lazy.


Normally you’re a level headed poster but this is totally uncalled for. Years ago people thought microwaves were only for lazy people, as well as dishwashers. And garbage disposals. Actually, even washing machienes & dryers were considered lazy. Now, I don’t use a microwave and don’t have a dishwasher (although I do wish I had one to sanitize)

I don’t see this as lazy at all and I think someone who’d simply label it as lazy. Again, I’m not too impressed with the Roomba but I really like the idea of a Scooba and with brothers, I can’t immagine how much easier life would of been on my mom had she had something to keep her floors nice and pretty and clean. She really was a sticlker for it and always redid it even if we tried to help. We’re all grown now so she dosn’t have to clean as much…still its a time saver.


Roombas scare me. What if they get a mind of their own like on Twilight Zone and turn evil and attack your pets, and then take over your whole house? I’d rather just vacuum my own floors. personally.




*It would be cool if Roomba could morph into a maid. :smiley: *


They’re OK at best with regards to carpet. (The more plush the carpet, the harder it is for it to pick anything up.) It’s even worse if you’re like me and can’t stand criss-crossing lines all over the floor. I for one prefer the nice straight lines you get if you vacuum yourself.

They’re great for hardwood floors!


I don’t know about that K, Maybe people have legitimate better use of their time. Like spending it outside with their kids or volunteering with the Sisters of Charity or something.


Good heavens, we are not talking about hours here, it takes ME 15 minutes to hoover the living room and hall and 2 bedrooms and I am seriously disabled.

How about spending the hundreds of $$ on the shelter or homeless?


Well I do think that Roombas are a precursor to robots taking over the planet and enslaving human kind, but other than that they seem pretty darn helpful :wink:


How often do you vaccumn? When my brothers and I were young the floor could of used a daily vaccumning, if not more :smiley:




So do you have a dishwasher?
a microwave?
A garbage disposal?
Do you have a washer, but more importantly a dryer?

If you have any of these your sentiment is rather hypocritical. ALL of these items were originally received with MUCH more scorn than the roomba/scooba.

All these things are time-saving appliances…even the best dishwashers only save 15-25 mintues a day.

A microwave saves 15 minutes a meal

A garbage disposal saves…maybe 2 minutes?

A washer saves hours but a dryer…maybe 20 minutes that would be spent hanging laundry.



Of all the topics on here that could potentially stir up debate…never in my life did I think the Roomba would… :confused:


My daughter feels the exact same way. A regular vacuum cleaner is scary enough but a vacuum cleaner with a mind of its own is just terrifying. My MIL had one and she really kept her distance until one day the Roomba made the mistake of cornering her. She knew what had to be done :nunchuk: I really doubt that Roombas and small children will ever be able to peacefully coexist.


Oooh - maybe I will get one too!

Yes, I am lazy: I HATE housework… sorry. I have 2 cats and 2 little dogs, along with my fiancee’s dog who stays with me a lot. Couple that with hardwood floors and I could be spending a lot of time on the floors. Ugh…

I’m not sure why one time saving device should provoke a moralistic reply! It’s cheaper than getting a maid service to come in. I can keep the rest under control, barely.


None of us lives in a vacuum. lol Sorry, always wanted to say that, and since this a thread about vacuums…


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