Anyone here listen to punk music?

I was just revisiting my days in college, listening to some old punk records by the Ramones, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Pixies, in addition to songs by the Misfits and the Clash.

I find it sad that I sang along so freely with a number of the more profane songs, but even my conscience finds songs like the Misfits’ “Die Die My Darling” to be ***so ***utterly ridiculous and crude that it’s amusing…


What do you like listening to?

Die Toten Hosen!!!

“And if it’s after closing time and if you still want more, I know a club in Inverness that never shuts it’s doors”

Their remakes of several Ramones songs were good as well.

I still listen to all of those bands. Especially the Ramones. Good stuff.

I’ve always loved the Dropkick Murphys, who are sort of a fusion of punk and bagpipe music. Very fun to listen to.

Yes! I listen to hardcore punk and post-hardcore punk, though. Specifically, bands like Rise Against, Eyes Set to Kill, and a little bit of other stuff.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

mines gonna be a punk / hardcore list…

7 seconds
gorilla biscuits
the clash
killing time
sick of it all
paint box
black flag
bad brains
minor threat
time flies
dag nasty
hot water music
screeching weasel
poison idea
stiff little fingers
youth of today

not so punk list…

elvis costello (1st 3 records)
nick lowe
the cure

i do like other stuff too, metal, outlaw country, jazz, old time, bluegrass, classical, opera.

I was a punk over 30 years ago! I am now feeling very old, as a lot of the bands listed above I haven’t even heard of!

London in the late 70s was a very exciting place to be, we had the sex pistols, the Clash, the Damned, most gigs were in pubs or small clubs and only cost a few pence to go to, you could make your own clothes by cutting up an old t shirt, or painting a slogan on it. We bought clothes in jumble sales as they usually had to be thrown away after being drenched in beer at a gig! I “customized” my school blazer, which didn’t go down too well with my teachers.

It’s funny, but as I sit here with my glasses cos I can’t see the computer screen, my walking stick by my side cos of the arthritis, my comfy slippers, etc, it all seems so long ago.

:thumbsup: Excellent band! Flogging Molly and the Pogues rock too.

I also like Social Distortion and the Clash.

Amen to that! I’m north-west of Boston, Massachusetts and their music is HUGE here.

favorite chorus to a song ever, “beat on the brat, beat on the brat, with a baseball bat!!” Always lift me up when I am surrounded by well brats.

My DH put the Ramones and Bad Religion in my car…I must admit I am really enjoying it!!! My 10 y.o likes it too-the (thw ones I let her listen too)

A whole lot of it! Partial list (I’m out on business and don’t have the whole thing in front of me):

The Ramones
The Clash
The Stooges
The Sex Pistols
The Pogues
The Adverts
The Misfits
The Monks (some of the great-granddaddies of punk here)
The Angry Samoans
The Cramps
The Stranglers
The Queers
The Meatmen
Guitar Wolf
World/Inferno Friendship Society
Circle Jerks
Black Flag
Iggy Pop
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Mojo Nixon
Zero Boys
Pansy Division
New York Dolls
Dead Milkmen
Die Ärzte
Die Toten Hosen
Butthole Surfers
Violent Femmes
Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Screeching Weasel
Dropkick Murphys
Gogol Bordello
Jodie Foster’s Army
GWAR (the early stuff, most of their ouvre is thrash metal)
Cockney Rejects
Dead Kennedys
Bad Brains
Social Distortion
Stiff Little Fingers
Whole Wheat Bread
X-Ray Spex
45 Grave (kinda goth/deathrock, but…)
Siouxsie and the Banshees (the first goths!)
Meat Puppets
Korol i Shut

We’re also huge fans of JAMC and Pixies, but think of them as more shoegaze and postpunk respectively…

long live Johnny Rotten…

I’ve been on a HUGE Morrissey kick lately.

Some others off the top of my head:

Ramones (one of my all time favs!)
Naked Raygun
Minor Threat
Social Distortion
hmmmm…can’t think of any more right now.

In general I’m a very big music fan and listen to lots and lots of different stuff. :smiley:

A few I think Mirdath didn’t mention (and love you guys’ taste, by the way):

Jodie Foster’s Army
Zero Boys
Dead Milkmen

I better just stop right now or I’ll be typing this out all night. :o

edit - whoops, sorry Mirdath, I didn’t see you’d already listed half of these in that huge big list there. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I’m not the oldest person here :smiley: !!

I skipped my senior prom for a Bouncing Souls record release party! I love the old-school bands - the Clash, the Pixies, the Sex Pistols … some of the newer stuff too, like Rancid and Bad Religion and even some of the pop-ier stuff (yes, I owned a NoFX CD!!).

If you like Jesus and Mary Chain, check out the Magnetic Fields. One of my new favorites, if you’re into the distortion and stuff. Their “I Hate California Girls” is another one of those vaguely offensive/utterly ridiculous songs (and great ironic echoes of the Beach Boys).

I just purchased a handful of CDs by the Germs, Bad Religion, and The Clash.

They should arrive, hopefully, tomorrow.

I listen to a lot of punk. That’s mostly what i’m into. For those that are into dropkick murphys check out ‘‘Flatfoot 56’’ They are a great christian punk band. Before these guys I didn’t think it was possible to mix punk rock and christian music. Good stuff either way.

Some of my favorite bands are

The Ramones
La Plebe
The Germs
The Clash
The Weirdos
Bad Brains
The Stooges (R.I.P. Ron Ashton)

I enjoy a whole lot of different kids of punk. From old school punk to hardcore to oi!.

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