Anyone here seen the movie 'cristiada'

For Greater Glory is the English name for the movie. If so what was your impression of it? Excited to see it when it opens.

From what I understand, the release date is June 1st. I plan to go see it.

This little piece of history might be of interest to you. In a neighboring city (Buffalo, NY,) there is a Carmelite convent. It was founded by Mother Elias, a Carmelite who faced a firing squad in Mexico. Read especially the first paragraph of this link, if you care to:

I just found out about this recently, and was quite surprised to learn about the Buffalo-Mexico connection.

Thank you for that link. Very interesting. :slight_smile:

It is playing currently in Mexico under the title Cristiada. In June it will be released in the US under the title “For Greater Glory” I am looking forwards to it and will make it a date night with the wife as she wants to see it also. :slight_smile:


I plan to see it when it comes out in June. I hope it’s as good as There Be Dragons, about St. Josemaria and the Spanish Civil War; that was truly awesome.

Now we just need a movie about Catholics in the Bolshevik Revolution and we’ll have the whole “Terrible Triangle.”

Aaaaand under those two 20th-century children of the so-called “enlightenment,” fascism and communism…

I’d watch “The Life and Times of Cardinal Mindszenty” :thumbsup:

It’s on my must see list.

Look’s very promising

I was just thinking of this the other evening at a Bible study at church, where we study the following week’s Mass readings. We’re into the second chapter of Acts, which reads like an adventure story. Think about it: Just in that one book, you have your occupying superpower, your underground band of believers, your shipwrecks, your intrepid journeys, etc, etc. Real Christian history is some pretty exciting stuff, right from the beginning. Frankly, I’m excited that Hollywood seems to be noticing the fact!

I’m curious to hear if it actually identifies the persecution for what it was…Masonic.

All of the promotional materials that I have seen refer to the “bad guys” as atheists.


I agree with you, I read this somewhere, I can’t remember where :o but it seems that it was Masonic…

I wonder if they wanted lots of people to see it, they might not use the term Masonic, because they would be looked as having a tinfoil hat or something?? What do you think?

And if in fact the “bad guys” still have some power, would it not be prudent of them to be careful & avoid the term Masonic? This way at least, they get the movie out to as many people as possible… What do you think?

Also, I read that Eduardo Verastegui, even though he was born a cradle Catholic, actually had a conversion, and he has a beautiful testimony, he will only accept projects that will
not compromise his Catholic beliefs:thumbsup: He loves the Catholic Church, his Faith, the Rosary & our Lady of Guadalupe! God Bless him! And I think Andy Garcia was also brought up as a Catholic, I am not sure about the rest of the cast…

If you have more info. on the Masonic issue, please elaborate :slight_smile: Thank you!

God Bless,



I’ve never heard before that the Christian persecution in Mexico was a Masonic thing! :eek:

I knew they were enemies of the Church, but I thought they limit themselves to secret meetings and new age style mumbo-jumbo, I didn’t know they took active part in shedding Christian blood!

If they whitewash the role of Freemasonry, then it will be just another example that even “good” TV and films are often great distortions and propoganda.


A great deal of blood has spilled by Masons over the years: the French Revolution and the persecution of Catholics in Mexico would be just two examples.


Me neither…some proof of Masonic involvement would be great.

I couldn’t resist watching the trailer several times and I love the symbolism. Bad Guys are the Federales who burn churches and execute priests and there parishoners. Good Guys make the sign of the cross and carry banners of Jesus. I have to admit it gives me shivers (in a good way) when Andy Garcia and his soldiers shout Viva Cristo Rey !

                           Regarding the Cristero War. My library card allows me to check out materials from an very large number of libraries, and combined they have more books on the history of Mexico than most people could read in lifetime. And how many of those books are about the Cristero War ? ZERO.

I have seen this movie. I was invited by my local bishop for a private screening about a month ago within our diocese.

Very good movie. A must see for any Catholic. It shows wonderful examples of those dedicated to our Lord through our Church, and those inspired to convert by their examples. Many declared Saints and Blesseds are depicted in this film.

It is an amazing depiction of the truth of what did and can (and will) happen if our freedoms to practice our religions are taken away. When watching I encourage one to only view it in light of the inspiring, yet unfortunate history that it was, but in the light of what is happening in our country today, and what it could come to, if current direction is left unchecked.

“For Greater Glory” is opening on over 700 screens nationwide in the United States on June 1. I encourage everyone reading this to go in support of the movie, view it with a critical eye, and understand the implications, not only for what happened, but what can and will.

National Catholic Register published an interview the cast last month

Eduardo Verastegui is an awesome, talented and faithful Catholic. :thumbsup:

Please find your local theater and go and see! (opening on over 700 screens throughout the United States

This is a must see movie for all Catholics!

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