Anyone here with a vocation for educational orders?

How did you discern between them?

Charism and ministry are two different things. I believe you would be well advised to explore communities based upon charism, and then find one which enables you to pursue a compatible ministry.


Do members of education orders tend to wear habits? From what I can gauge from online pics they tend not to wear them that often.

Depends on the congregation’s constitutions and the local customs. Outside of the US, the habit is more common.

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100% depends on the order. The male religious orders are more likely to wear the habit.

It actually seems like the other way around. It’s the men who wear them less often because it’s more religiously acceptable (if that’s the right phrase) for men to wear casual clothing whereas with women it might seem as indecent.

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where do you live? Near me, it’s usually the female religious who don’t wear their habits while the male religious do

In the UK.
I based that on what I’ve seen on the orders’ websites though.

Generally speaking, the US, UK, and Europe religious are usually not habited, since doing so is seen as elitist. That’s not to say that they don’t. The great majority don’t wear the habit.

OTOH, Africa and Asia wouldn’t be caught dead without the habit.

Are you referring just to educational orders or all religious orders in general?

Those are the general trends depending on region. In Europe, especially, the habit is seen as elitist.

Which ones are the largest educational orders?

Here’s a list of the teaching orders:

The Piarists are the last to be permitted solemn vows.

As I’ve stated before, the DeLaSallians set the standards that gave rise to the “Ecole Normale” – Normal Schools for teachers.

As for the largest, I’m not sure as to where that information would be available.

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