Anyone here with an iPod?

I just got an iPod nano from my parents for a Christmas present :extrahappy:, and so far I’m really pleased with it. I was wondering- how do most of you get the music for your iPods? Do you usually buy CD’s and upload the music through your computer, or do you buy them off iTunes? I’m just curious… so far I’ve uploaded a bunch of songs from the CD’s I already own, but I also got an iTunes giftcard for Christmas, so I’ll probably use that soon.

Thanks for your input!

I have a 2nd Gen nano and love that thing! :smiley: When I got it, I uploaded songs from CDs I owned, but since then, everything I’ve gotten, I’ve bought online. I like being able to just buy the songs that I want. I also like being able to pick and choose which version of a song I want.

One thing to watch is whether or not your music has DRM on it. Most songs you buy from iTunes will only work on an ipod, which is fine now, but if you ever want a different mp3 player, it will be an issue. Some music is labeled itunes Plus. That music is DRM free which means you can play it on any other mp3 player.

I don’t know how much you know about technology, but I always try and point that bit out before you get into trouble because something you have bought doesn’t work like you want it too. :smiley:

I don’t listen to music on mine. I have not yet exhausted all the interesting and informative podcasts available, including several from Catholic Answers and EWTN.

Mine hooks up to the stereo in my car, and I love it, because now I never have to listen to the radio anymore. I either listen to music, or my Catholic podcasts. Is definitely a gift that has been put too great use since I got it.:smiley:

I buy all my music off itunes though, to answer your questions. I really recommend you check out some of the catholic podcasts though. They are free, and really good.

I got an iPod Nano for Christmas too - from my daughters. I mostly wanted one for podcasts so - Leapard, what are the podcasts you have subscribed to? I have subscribed to Catholic Answers Live but am looking for others (preferably free ones).

I have to wait though for an upgrade on our Operating System before I can use my iPod but that is okay. Our anniversary is tomorrow so we are getting the OS upgrade and another hard drive. Can you say Computer Geek couple :nerd::nerd:? That’s us!

Brenda V.

Can you get the podcasts (from EWTN or Catholic Answers, for example) for free?

:yup: Yup, they are all free. If you go to the itunes store, you can search EWTN and there are a ton of choices. You can also choose podcasts over on the left of the main page of the store and browse all kinds of different podcasts. I’m big on the technology ones! :thumbsup: :smiley:

I’ve got the 80gb iPod that I use when traveling and in my car. I LOVE IT!!! I get most of my music from iTunes and some from CDs that I already have. I also subscribe to the CA-Live podcast and The Journey Home podcast. There are actually lots of good Catholic Podcasts on iTunes. I also have the new video iPod nano that I run with since I’ve got the nike+ kit. Its really great. DH got me an iPod shuffle for Valentine’s Day last year and I like it too. good for other exercise and at the beach. I clip it on my clothes or on the strap of my bathing suit.

Before you even ask yes I’m an iPod and Mac junkie!!:p:D:p

I forgot, you have to watch the podcasts from EWTN, they don’t keep the archived ones on iTunes for some reason. CA-Live does tho!

I have about fifty at this time, and don’t want to retype all of them. I’m trying to find a way to extract a list from iTunes. Stay tuned…

I also have an Ipod nano, which I love.
I do both, I upload cd’s and buy from itunes. The beauty about itunes is that you don’t have to buy an entire album. Though when I do buy an album, I usually go to the store to buy the actual cd.
I’ve used other music sites as well, like yahoo, but the pain there is that once you buy the song you then have to burn it to a cd so you can use it with itunes.

I am going over to visit with my DIL in a couple of hours so that she can show me the basics with my new nano. I read the directions, but some of it is just easier for me to learn by demo.

Thanks everyone! I’ll have to look for some of those CA podcasts…:smiley:

I check out books on CD from the library, then put them on my i-pod so I can listen to them while I walk. When I finish one book, I take it off the i-pod and listen to another. I love it!!

Ahhh, it’s an attack of the “pod people”! :bigyikes:

Sorry, couldn’t resist…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If I’m getting an album, I prefer to get the CD and rip it into iTunes. It usually isn’t much more expensive than iTunes if you shop for price, you don’t have to worry about DRM and can re-import it later if your hard drive crashes and you don’t have a backup (of course we all DO have backups, right?), and you get the full album art (not just the front cover; many of my albums I’ve scanned in more than one picture from the CD pamphlet), credits, and sometimes words and artist notes in the package.

For new music, I usually want the album, because I figure if I liked the song that got airplay, I’ll probably like more by the artist.

About all I’ve bought from iTunes are old favorites that I’d have a hard time finding CDs of, and videos.

The biggest advice I have, is to go into iTunes Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced tab -> Importing tab, and set “Import using” to “MP3 Encoder”. Pick the Setting based on how picky your hearing is, and how small you want the files to be. Bigger numbers mean bigger files, but better fidelity. I use 128 kbps, but then I’m almost 50 years old and have lost some high-frequency hearing.

By using the MP3 encoder, you’ll be able to play your imported songs (it doesn’t affect the iTunes purchases) on nearly any device that can play digital music: the generic $20 MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, car stereos that accept MP3 discs or memory cards, etc. If you leave it at the default AAC, they won’t play on much besides your computer and iPod.

I had a pretty decent sized CD collection going back to high school days. I just ripped all of them and loaded them on. I can only put part of my collection on my 1gen 4GB Nano. I need 15GB or so to put everything on it.

Actually, downloading the album art from iTunes and looking at them later showed quite a few missing but also a few which were totally incorrect for the album and not even close.

That is how I still buy music, look for CDs and then rip them. Some of the best can be had at a used CD store near your closest major college campus. Lots of eclectic indie music to be had cheap.

Ahhh, a youngster, eh? I have a pretty decent sized vinyl collection going back to my high school days! I’m gradually playing them into my computer, making audio CDs (so they’ll be easier to play on my sound system), and MP3s for iTunes. Of course that includes scanning the front and back cover to make the CD jewel case insert, CD label, and iTunes album art.

How are you getting vinyl into your computer?

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