Anyone here with an iPod?

I have a turntable with a built-in preamplifier. I use a cable with 2 RCA plugs on one end and a 1/8" stereo plug on the other to plug it into the computer’s Line-In jack on the motherboard (or sound card).

I use GoldWave (Audacity will work, too, but I like GoldWave’s features a little more) to record the Line-In audio while I play the album. It records as a .WAV file, so there’s no compression loss of quality.

I use GoldWave’s editing features to remove the silence at the beginning and end of each side, and between songs if it seems too long. I don’t do a lot of pop/hiss removal, as it can introduce other sound distortions; I select just the most objectionable noise and fix just that part. As one person said, “hey, it’s an album. It’s supposed to have pops!” :slight_smile:

I add marks between the songs, and tell GoldWave to save each mark as a separate .WAV file.

I use Nero Express to take the .WAV files and burn a CD from them. By using the uncompressed .WAV files, it’s as close to the original quality as my turntable is capable of.

Then I use GoldWave again to export all the marked pieces as MP3 files. These I import into iTunes and add all the tag informaion.

I scan the album art on my all-in-one printer/scanner. Because albums are about 12" x 12", I have to scan in two pieces and lose just a little from one side . I use the picture stitching software that came with my digital camera to combine the two scans back into one. I then use SureThing labeller software to make the jewel case insert and CD label. For the scanning and labelling I use .BMP format, again to get maximum quality. I then convert the .BMP scans to a .JPG (MUCH smaller) and use that for iTunes cover art.

Thank you.:slight_smile:

I have one! I sometimes use iTunes, and sometimes CDs and other times DVDs and videos (for the anime themes that comprise like 90 % of my playlist).


I love it. Got one of those docking stations recently too!

Hello, I am hoping someone here can help me. I don’t have an ipod, but I just bought a mp3 player, scandisk sansa.
I am looking to find a copy of the rosary, I have one on a cd, although it has too much music with it, I just want one that just says the rosary and that is it. Also, I can put audio books on it and would like to put the bible on it. It only has 2gb so I can’t put the whole thing, is there a place online that you can just download audio books of sections of the New and Old Testaments?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

You can get TONS of podcasts from Saint Michael’s Media as well - just click the link in my signature, go to either tv or radio on the top, and then over to the podcast sections. :smiley:


I know that The Mary Foundation used to have a voices only rosary on cd - not sure it’s available online though. Check out their site:

I don’t think you can fit the entire Bible on 2gb - but maybe someone else here would know better than I about that. :shrug:


O noes!!!


I filled up my Shuffle. Thinking of upgrading to a REAL iPod. Any advice?

Yes - be VERY careful about getting one with internal hard drive and not flash drive. If your hard drive crashes you loose EVERYTHING, and they will NOT restore your data for you. Just make sure you back up everything on your pc - just in case.




What’s the difference between the two kinds?

:yup: I had the problem. Had a 1GB nano and filled it. So I sold it to my mom and upgraded to the 4gb! :smiley:

The hard drive players have a mini hard drive inside, just like your computer. The advantage is they hold A LOT more stuff. The disadvantage is they have moving parts which are more likely to fail or have been known to skip if you are doing a lot of jumping up and down. The flash players hold less stuff, but don’t have moving parts.

Which one you want will depend on exactly how much stuff you have. If you want to be able to hold videos, the hard drive ones are the way to go. The new nanos do play video, but they won’t hold that much. If you just want music, the flash ones are cheaper and do hold quite a bit.

Ditto!!! Catholic podcasts and my iPOD (and God’s Grace) are why I am here today!

I just got a new 4g Nano. What kind is that?

I put all the CDs I owned on my computer and uploaded them to my iPod. Since then, however, I’ve bought music on iTunes because 1) it’s cheaper and 2) I never listen to the actual CDs!


The shuffles, nanos, and touches are all flash. Only the classics are hard drive.

what are these Catholic podcast people are posting about? I got an ipod for Christmas and still am in the process of downloading all my cds from it.

Click on the link in my signature - there are tons of podcats on the Saint Michael’s Media site!! :thumbsup:

Look under either TV or Radio - then you will see the button for podcasts. Look in both places - SMM produces both tv and radio shows!


Podcasts are free audio broadcasts that can be subsribed to via iTunes. Catholic podcasts are the best of those podcasts :slight_smile:

Check out for a good selection of catholic podcasts.

I have an old 40 gig iPod with the black & white screen. I only use it in my car where I have an iPod adapter connected to my car’s stereo. For regular use, I like the Zune a lot more than the iPod.

I LOVE those car adaptors! :smiley:

I got my first iPod in 2006 which was a white 4GB nano. In December it stopped working after I dropped it on concrete. I got a silver 8GB nano and I love it because I put videos on it. I still buy CD and put songs on my iPod. I do buy some music from iTunes. I also listen to podcasts and stuff.

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