Anyone hoping to make 33 Day Journey to "Total Consecration"?


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If anyone would like to join me in making a 33 Day Journey of prayer guided by St. Louis de Montfort’s words from his treatise on “True Devotion to the Virgin Mary”, I’d be grateful to know.

God willing, I’ll begin posting on Feb. 20 in order to pray the Prayer of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary on Mar. 25, the Feast of the Annunciation. There are books one can purchase on this 33 Day Preparation, but over the years I’ve found the best method for me is to stay with the exact description St. Louis gives in “True Devotion” – paragraphs 227 - 233.

I’ve linked the online version to the title of the treatise and will post excepts from those paragraphs as well as other parts of the book.
If you’ve never read the book, then today may be a good day to begin prayerfully to read it – on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes!

Hopefully many of you will consider making this journey for the first time or like myself you may have lost count of the times you made this journey and have been exceedingly blessed each time. :slight_smile:


What is meant by, “to Jesus, through Mary”? Thank you.


Dear Fraevo,

Thanks for your reply – great question – so glad you asked!

God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son. Jesus, the Word made Flesh was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary. He came to us the first time through Mary and He continues to come to us through her as Mother and Model for the Church.

The Catholic Church has taught this for centuries, and St. Louis De Montfort, in writing his treatise on “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” is consistent with what the Church teaches today. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church we find much to ponder on Mary and her role in God’s Plan:


963 Since the Virgin Mary’s role in the mystery of Christ and the Spirit has been treated, it is fitting now to consider her place in the mystery of the Church. “The Virgin Mary . . . is acknowledged and honored as being truly the Mother of God and of the redeemer… She is ‘clearly the mother of the members of Christ’ … since she has by her charity joined in bringing about the birth of believers in the Church, who are members of its head.” “Mary, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church.”


Wholly united with her Son . . .

964 Mary’s role in the Church is inseparable from her union with Christ and flows directly from it. “This union of the mother with the Son in the work of salvation is made manifest from the time of Christ’s virginal conception up to his death” it is made manifest above all at the hour of his Passion:

Thus the Blessed Virgin advanced in her pilgrimage of faith, and faithfully persevered in her union with her Son unto the cross. There she stood, in keeping with the divine plan, enduring with her only begotten Son the intensity of his suffering, joining herself with his sacrifice in her mother’s heart, and lovingly consenting to the immolation of this victim, born of her: to be given, by the same Christ Jesus dying on the cross, as a mother to his disciple, with these words: “Woman, behold your son.”

In his treatise on “True Devotion”, St. Louis de Montfort wrote:

  1. It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that he must reign in the world.

I hope you will read either the online version of this little treatise, on “True Devotion” by clicking on the link above or consider purchasing a copy; see HERE. Please read prayerfully, and slowly. If you have questions, keep reading because I believe the Holy Spirit will help you through the words He inspired in St. Louis de Montfort.

Please feel free also to write questions on this or future threads, and I’ll try to help too. :slight_smile:


I’m gonna begin shortly before Holy Week to hopefully end on Fatima with a group of friends :slight_smile:


Dear Maximilian,

Thanks for your reply. Am I understanding you correctly that you and a group of friends are hoping to begin the preparation shortly before Holy Week and then travel to Fatima to end with praying your Act of Total Consecration there at Fatima? What a beautiful opportunity! I know some who have made a pilgrimage to Fatima and were very blessed by it. I hope you and your friends will all be abundantly blessed.

Will this be a renewal of your Total Consecration and that of your friends? I count each renewal of My Consecration a GREAT GRACE! :slight_smile:


No, I wish!!
We’re simply doing it on the day of the Fatima apparitions


Thanks for the clarification, Maximilian! Where or when isn’t the main thing – God always looks at the heart!

“Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God” (Mt 5:8)

Please let us pray for one another, and for all who make this 33 Day Journey of Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.


There is an app for this :wink: (ETA: actually more than one. Search for app Total Consecration to Mary.)

And one year I followed a bishop on Youtube. When the prayers started getting very lengthy, I think I went back and forth between the day’s video and another–I’m not sure. This is the link to Day One.. There is other information on YouTube as well.


I’ll join you, MariaChristi.


I just got finished with my 33 Day Preparation for Consecration and completed it on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Just an awesome practice. Don’t know how Fish Eaters is as a website (whether it is a wholly Catholic website, I’m not sure), but I ended up using this:

I’ve done it once before, but this time, I feel like I’ve definitely grown a bit more in holiness and just had an overall different perspective going into it.

Fr. Michael Gaitley has similar practices (33 Days to Morning Glory and 33 Days to Merciful Love) which I also recommend and will be renewing this year.

God Bless!! :pray:


Dear Annie,

Thanks for your reply and your desire to help others who may be unfamiliar with this preparation for Total Consecration. As I mentioned in my opening post on this thread, there are books, (I probably should have also mentioned apps and videos and other forms of communication which have variations on how to prepare). My own experience, however, has been to look first and foremost to St. Louis de Montfort’s writing of “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin.”

When I followed all the readings and spiritual exercises which the Montfort Fathers suggested, I found it difficult to keep up with all of it, and I heard from some persons who got discouraged and stopped altogether. I decided then, simply to follow what St. Louis wrote in his treatise on True Devotion, as he outlines the 33 Day Preparation very well in Chapter 7, paragraphs 227 - 233.

Prayer needs “attention and devotion” – (as St. Teresa of Avila cautioned her sisters. Without attention and devotion, she told them, they may move their lips but they’re not praying).

God willing, I’ll begin on Feb. 20 and I hope others will also begin to follow St. Louis’ direction in preparing to consecrate or re-consecrate themselves on Mar. 25. If you and others are helped by other methods, you are of course, free to choose. Thanks again for your reply and your desire to help. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much lilypadres! As always, I am looking forward to this time of preparation and of renewing my Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. I believe that St. Louis de Montfort was right in saying that it is also a “perfect renewal of our baptismal promises”.

Each time I re-read his treatise on True Devotion, I am grateful for more of God’s Graces which come though listening to the Truth He gave to this saint for the Church. We are blessed in so many ways by our God Who IS Love!


Dear franklyn,

Thanks for your reply. I believe that St. Louis de Montfort’s treatise on True Devotion is intended to be read and re-read; and our Total Consecration is intended to be prayed and renewed often in either the short form, and in the long form at least once a year, but when possible also on Feasts of Our Lady.

Regarding the fisheaters website, they would describe themselves as “Traditional” Catholics. They are very concerned with a return to many beautiful traditions (with a small “t”) but there is such an excess of concern over the “exterior” – there seems to me a greater danger of losing the concern for “interior” renewal.

There is a danger for all of us in our efforts to follow God’s Will as revealed in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church to become like pharisees…who were so concerned about their own precepts they had no room for Christ. The parable of the Pharisee and the Publican which Jesus taught is something we all need to ponder. Mary’s Magnificat is such a humble and true expression of prayer for us. :slight_smile:

May we all continue to ask for God’s Grace to do His Truth in Love, as Mary did on earth. She is both our Mother and our Model.


I am so pleased to find this. I would love to join. I did this (LdM) Obwohl, by myself. I feel I will benefit more in a group.


Dear Jessie,

Thanks so much for your “Yes” to God’s grace to read St. Louis de Montfort, and pray the Act of Total Consecration by yourself and now taking this opportunity to grow more in the company of other members of the Body of Christ! God has called all to holiness, and St. Louis de Montfort’s writing helps us to grow in that holiness to which we are called.

By God’s Grace, we need to hear more deeply, Jesus’ words from His Cross:

“Behold your Mother”

God willing our “Day 1” for this journey will begin on Feb. 20. I’ll be using the online copy to post excerpts from True Devotion, but I hope you have your own copy as well.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions as we journey together. So far we are three : yourself, lilypadrees and me, but sometimes others join as we go along and I know some in my parish Legion of Mary will be making the journey though they are not on CAF. Please let us pray for one another, and all those who will be making this 33 Day Journey! Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Dear Jessie and lilypadrees,

As of now, we are 3 on CAF, who will be making this 33 Day Journey together beginning Feb. 20.

Last night, I sent an e-mail to all the Active and Auxiliary members of the Legion of Mary in our parish. Last year when I posted daily on the Journey, some members of our Praesidium, “Queen of Peace” joined us as well.

The Legion of Mary was begun by Frank Duff after he Consecrated himself totally to Jesus through Mary. He wanted to “Live” his consecration and not let it remain merely “words” he prayed. He met with his parish priest and a small group who had also Consecrated themselves according to the method of St. Louis de Montfort.

On the vigil of the Feast of Mary’s Nativity, they met and prayed together to the Holy Spirit for guidance, then prayed the Rosary and that night, Sept. 7, 1921 the Legion of Mary was “born”. It is now the largest Lay Apostolate in the world, prayerfully working toward their own sanctification and the sanctification of others, in almost every country in the world for the Glory of God by the power of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Mary.

So we may have many others joining us on the journey! Some of my Legion of Mary brothers and sisters do not have e-mail but I try to contact them by phone and also by putting invitations in the Church bulletin. :slight_smile:

May God grant all of us His Grace to grow in the holiness to which we all have been called by the poser of His Holy Spirit and Mary’s intercession.

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