Anyone know about adopting in Brasil?

I am in Wisconsin, but moving to Brasil in 2014. My wife and I love the Idea of adopting at some point down there. I want to begin to learn about the process and find a cool agency. It doesn’t have to be Catholic, but would be cool. Id love any kind of knowledge insight or prayers.

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Hi, I am from Brazil, living in the US
I have no personal experience with adoption specifically, but the general rule of life in Brazil is that everything is complicated, slow, very burocratic, extremely corrupt, very expensive, hard to get and dangerous. So probably adoption will be the same…
If you want to avoid the dangerous part, I would advise you to stick to catholic agencies only.
I’ve seen recently in the news there is a lot of child traffiicking at the moment in the poorer areas in Brasil. People that, in cahoots with the local child protection agents, judges and local police, produce fake court order to take the kids from their poor illiterate parents, then sell the kids to childless high middle class couples around the country. I wonder why those couples would take this route to buy a child if adoption was a simple process…The police officer who was investigating the case said it was a very widespread crime at the moment…
Welcome to Brazil and Good luck!

If you wish to adopt in Brazil prior to moving there and becoming a citizen, your best bet would be to speak to an attorney familiar with international adoption.

Man, I wish that didn’t sound firmiliar.
But that treachery is a new one to me. Some people go to such awful extremes to make money.
I will be in Brasilia initially and move to Espirito Santo (God willing). But stories like this is what motivates me to adopt (among other reasons).

Thanks for the advice,

Yes, but we will move first. That avoids lots of complications.


You’d still be a foreigner, free to leave the country at any time, and likely treated as such in an adoption case. Definitely speak to an attorney when you get there.

I would also check the USCIS website. There are probably special guidelines for U.S. citizens adopting in another country, especially if you plan to return to live in the U.S. eventually.

I want to adopt an ex-Paquita. Primeira/segunda geração only. Miúxa highly preferred (and from what I’ve seen, she definitely needs to be rescued). :wink:

Right, but my wife is brasilian. I do think that is good advice, though. She has an uncle in a law firm, so we would get good direction, legally speaking.

Safado! You should be more respectful on this forum. :tsktsk

If she is a legal citizen of Brazil, that will likely make a major difference. If she’s not, it could just speed up the process. Of course I’m only speaking in general, as adoption rules vary significantly from country to country.

Check out for an overview of the adoption laws in various countries. They might have info on Brazil. Also be sure to check out USCIS’s information on adoption and visas – this is very important if you intend to ever come back to the US with an adopted child.

Good luck!

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