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I was talking to some co workers yesterday about religion, God and satan, etc. and this one girl brought up some bible story I am no familiar with, it was something about after Moses died and satan going up to heaven, inquiring about the location of his body.

I cannot recall ever hearing about this?


But when the archangel Michael, contending with the devil, disputed about the body of Moses, he did not presume to pronounce a reviling judgment upon him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you.” (Jude 1:9)

The subject is judgement, not the body of Moses. Jude is using the dispute between the archangel and satan as an example of how an angel did not presume judge even satan but deferred to God’s legitimate authority as judge.

Much is made of the passage about a dispute over Moses’ body. I think it is a reference to a contemporary belief which may have been lost to time. There is much speculation about the verse but nothing conclusive, although many will be ready to give you their interpretation with absolute certainty



I think the story of Moses’ body referenced in Jude comes from the non-canonical Book of Enoch.


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The passage does speak about Michael, the Archangel, disputing Moses’ body with Satan… but the passage does not place Satan in Heaven.

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Ver. 9. When Michael, &c. We do not find this in any other canonical Scripture, so that St. Jude must either have had it from some tradition among the Jews, or from some writing which he, by the Spirit of God, knew to be true. It is not expressed on what account this dispute or strife was, betwixt St. Michael and the devil, about the body of Moses. The common interpretation is, that St. Michael conveyed the body of Moses out of the way, and from the knowledge of the Israelites, lest they should pay to it some idolatrous worship; whereas the devil, for that end, would have it buried, so that the people might know the place and adore it. See Deuteronomy xxxiv. 6. where it is said, “and no man hath known of his sepulchre until this present day.” (Witham) — Contended about the body, &c. This contention, which is no where else mentioned in holy writ, was originally known by revelation, and transmitted by tradition. It is thought the occasion of it was, that the devil would have had the body buried in such a place and manner, as to be worshipped by the Jews with divine honours. — Command thee, or, rebuke thee. (Challoner)


You are correct :smirk:


Footnote 2 on Jude 9

[2] vv. 8, 9: See II Pet. 2.10-11, and notes there. The tradition of a dispute over the body of Moses seems to have been preserved also in** the apocryphal book called The Assumption of Moses**, of which only a fragment survives.

From Origen’s “De Principiis” Book III
Chapter 2. On the Opposing Powers.

  1. We have now to notice, agreeably to the statements of Scripture, how the opposing powers, or the devil himself, contends with the human race, inciting and instigating men to sin. And in the first place, in the book of Genesis, the serpent is described as having seduced Eve; regarding whom, **in the work entitled The Ascension of Moses **(a little treatise, of which the Apostle Jude makes mention in his Epistle), the archangel Michael, when disputing with the devil regarding the body of Moses, says …

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