Anyone know any good moving companies?

I got the job I was applied for, and now I get to leave Salem, Oregon! I’m moving to Washington. Now how to get my stuff up there. I can’t do a u-haul because I’m going by myself, and can’t lift the heavy furniture up three flights of stairs. So anyone know of a good moving company?

Do they have “Mayflower” up there? Check em’ out, they are very popular up here.

Cynical Catholic and and Irritated one…what next?

See if there is a “Two Men and a Truck” in your area. You can pack your stuff and they will load and unload the truck, or they can come help you pack too. Very reasonable.

North American is an excellent moving company; safety is their number one concerning in doing business!

If reputable is what you are looking for, I would go with Allied. I have made two cross country moves with them, and they are the best. What’s more, their quotes are not just estimates, they are binding.

If you are looking for inexpensive, Craigslist is the way to go. I just did a local move this way and saved a bundle.

A full blown moving company will be expensive.

You can do U-haul alone, they will rent you a car tow to go behind the truck.

Call the Parish where you are going and ask if you can hire the youth group to unload the truck for you.

Thank you for all your replies! I rented a U-Haul, and they recommended a local moving company that will load, drive, and unload the truck for pretty cheap. :slight_smile: I might be able to load everything by myself (I might be chubby, but I’m pretty strong for a woman), but I know my new place is on the third floor, with no elevator.
I’m just glad to leave Oregon, I’ll miss my friends, but ever since my mother died, there hasn’t been a reason to stay. :frowning:

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