Anyone know how to get rid of ticks on a cat?


So tonight we found at least 5 small ticks on our cat. She has never had ticks before and she just received her frontline treatment about 2 1/2 weeks ago. She hasn’t been outside for 2 days, so I’m thinking they must have been on her since then. They are very small, maybe 1/8 inch long, and gray, so I think they’re probably baby ticks. I plan on calling a vet tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone here might have some tips or experience my kitty and I can benefit from? Thanks!


If she hasn’t been outside for two days I would think the Frontline would have killed them. Were they embedded? In some regions, the ticks have a bit of resistance to Frontline. Are other pets coming and going outside? You may need to try another product, like Advantix, though it’s more costly. Maybe others can tell you what other products they’re using.


Dust your kitty with kitty has Dolomite Earth in it. Non toxic to animals - deadly on hard-shell insects.

It's good against fleas...bed bugs...ticks ..cockroaches etc.

It's also good for getting up oil and grease spots in garage floors.




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This. Though I can never remember which way to turn them to get them out.....But tweezers work.:thumbsup:


I am going to have to say tweezers and switch to advantage for cats. Advantage is slighty more expensive than frontline but a better product.


Are they too small for a flea comb?


If the ticks are attached, put some sort of cheap vegetable oil on them before trying to remove them with the tweezers. The vegetable oil blocks the ticks’ ability to breathe so that you can remove the ticks without injuring the cat (and the vegetable oil is non-toxic to the cat, though you’ll want to blot up as much as you can after the tick removal).


If you hold the cat under water long enough the ticks will suffocate:D


When our dog gets them, we heat up a butter knife over the stove and then touch the back of the tick. The tick backs out, and then we use the knife to flip it into a pail of water (because I just can’t touch them - ick!!!).

I’m afraid to use tweezers because I was told you might leave the head in the pet, and then it gets infected.


Many ticks generally aren’t that large, they don’t get large until they’re engorged with blood, so I don’t think they’re babies, although that probably doesn’t make a difference.

I’ve worked for groomers for over 2 years and when we get animals in with ticks we pluck them off. Sorry, but when you get a dog in with over 20 ticks you can’t be picky.

The tick treatments don’t always work, like was stated sometimes there’s a resistance, and sometimes they just don’t work.


A gorilla? They seem to like picking and eating ticks.

But on a serious note, I am unsure.


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Many ticks generally aren't that large, they don't get large until they're engorged with blood, so I don't think they're babies, although that probably doesn't make a difference.

I've worked for groomers for over 2 years and when we get animals in with ticks we pluck them off. Sorry, but when you get a dog in with over 20 ticks you can't be picky.

The tick treatments don't always work, like was stated sometimes there's a resistance, and sometimes they just don't work.


I'd have to go with this.

We also use Frontline Plus in our house. We have tried Advantix and it doesn't work as well as the Frontline does. We have a dog who is allergic to fleas and Frontline is the only medicine that gives her relief from them. When we tried Advantix it was like we hadn't even treated her at all.

If you don't think the Frontline is working well enough do go ahead and try different types of meds. That's what we did before we tried Frontline. You never know, in your area something else (Advantix) might work better.


So we can ask questions about cats on Catholic Answers forums? oh yeh, cuz CAT is in Catholic. Carry on.


Poor little dear! I would emphatically urge you to get her to the vet as soon as you can.:) At summer camp, we used to light a match for the tick to back out...but that wouldn't do for our furry friends. The vet will know.:thumbsup:
(and p.s., I used a similar pun when I took my cat to the St. Francis blessing of the animals. Afterwards, I told my chums that he is now a CATolic!:D) Good luck and I hope the little love is better soon!!! Pax et Bonum.


Thanks for your advice everyone!

I took the cat to the vet yesterday - poor thing she was scared to death. The vet didn't find any ticks on her (we had plucked all the ones we found off) and she told us that we shouldn't worry too much as long as she is up to date on her frontline. The ticks can bite her but the frontline should kill them within 48 hours :shrug:. She also said that we don't need to worry about Lyme disease with cats because they either don't get it or their bodies can fight it off without antibiotics. Luckily she was due for her shots so it wasn't a wasted trip :o.

Thanks again and God bless you all!


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