Anyone know how to start a website?

I think I’m ready to get my home business off the ground. Does anyone know how/where to buy an Internet domain? What about HTML editing? Are there computer programs I can buy and download on my computer? I am sooooo clueless. Please help!

Try geocities for a simple website. They are owned by yahoo now.

If you are going to try a small business that requires traffic and you can go through yahoo for that but you might try ebay first.

Lunarpages QuickSite

The website that I help manage uses lunarpages as our host, and they have been fantastic for us. But this (quicksite) would probably do well for what it sounds like you’re after (and MUCH superior to freebies like geocities/yahoo where your visitors will be blasted with all kinds of ads that aren’t your content).

No clue, but good luck :thumbsup: .

Thanks for the recommendation! I signed up already. :wink: I was so impressed how easy it was to build a site. I was going to pay someone to do it. I just saved a lot of moolah. :thumbsup:

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