Anyone know if Longwood University in VA has an active Catholic community?

Just wondering because I’m 99% sure I’m attending in the Fall but all the social media for the campus ministries are “not found” or inactive. There is a cathedral nearby but that’s all I can find. :frowning:

You haven’t visited the school yet?

I’m sure that there are some Catholics at Longwood, its a large state school attracting students from across the Commonwealth. How active and how organized they are, you should really see for yourself.

I’ve visited multiple times, but that’s been to tour the academic buildings

Start one if there isn’t. FOCUS and CCO are gaining ground. Newman Societies also. I’m sure there has to be at least three or four other students outgoing enough to help the endeavour. Surely they have chaplains? I’d call and inquire.

Our university has CCO, but it’s run by foreign students and most of what is offered isn’t in English.

Edit: I just found this. Don’t know if it’s any good to you.


Farmville is a very small town, Longwood is a nice campus. I have known several catholics who have attended there, but I don’t think there is a huge catholic presence. This part of Virginia runs about 4% catholic. I teach at the catholic school in Lynchburg, about an hour away.

Good luck, they do provide a fine education!

Yeah, I’m going there because it’s one of the only VA colleges with my major. I didn’t have many choices.:sweat_smile:

There is a Catholic community here and they church is within a five minute walk from your campus. The campus community is made up of guys from nearby Hampden-Sydney (like me!) and Longwood students. It’s not the largest group but still a good one!

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Oh, okay! I’m planning to do RCIA there and a local deacon said he’d get in contact with the priest up there. Do you all allow people converting to join in any bible studies or activities?

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