Anyone know much about carmels in ireland?


:Danyone know much about carmels in ireland. thanks looking for one with young people.


What do you mean "carmels" Do you mean carmalites?


This might be a good place to start:


I read "camels in ireland" and was quite confused for a moment :D


They are rightly quiet here; try Knock as I know there are younger ones there. Best approach them directly


thanks found this one



Good. The Carmelite Sisters in New Ross are looking for vocations. May you find your vocation there.


Here's some contact info:

You could try e-mailing Fr. Eugene McCaffrey for some guidance - he's not young - but I met him once - and he's very saintly: Eugene McCaffrey OCD: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

Best Wishes!

Jan England, OCDS


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