Anyone know of any mass being streamed online from GMT 21:00 on a weekday?

Would like to watch a mass online since I never got a chance today. Last masses in the UK or Ireland are usually at 20:00 GMT so missed those. Probably can still watch one streamed from the US somewhere if anyone knows of any?

There’s one daily at 3 pm Eastern, but you missed it.

The next one will stream at 6:30 pm Eastern from St. Rita, Dallas, Texas. That’s 11:30 pm your time.

Link here:

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Thanks Tis_Bearself. I will continue looking to see if there is a mass starting slightly earlier but at least I have that option! Many thanks.

I just discovered this website yesterday:
You can choose English and get links to live-streams of Masses around the world in English (or Latin in English speaking countries) nearly every hour of the day, Singapore to Malaysia to Australia to India to Nigeria & South Africa to UK & Ireland to the USA & Canada.

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Thanks jburns513 it is a very useful website. Although I notice there are no masses listed between 20.00 GMT and 23.00 GMT so may just have to wait till later…

I don’t know if this helps, but here is a link to a website where you can view Mass celebrated in dozens of different countries throughout the world:

You’ll see a huge list of churches and countries to select from, with times.

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