Anyone know this monastery?
I would love to go here when I’m 18. <3 From someone currently lin discernment. How do I go about looking at convents/monastery? Thanks!
And please no comments on the fact that I’m not even 15 yet.

I am going to comment, anyway :smiley:

I think it is fantastic that you are open to a call at your age.:cool:

The place looks gorgeous!

Prayers offered for you.

I am not in discernment but was, at one point, for a number of years. You go about it by looking at (physically visiting them, I mean) convents/monasteries and studying their spirituality/mission. You see where you fit, both in your own estimation and that of the superiors of each community.

MaeganFlinchum1: God bless you. I’ll offer prayers for you that God will enlighten you in your discernment.

We support you!


Too bad because I am going to comment about it anyway. :D:D:D

I am going to make a comment because I think that it is important to share some experience. I have a son that is sixteen and he started to talk about the priesthood and or religious life six years ago. The comments that I am making are the ones that a bishop made a few days in regard to my son. You are too young to look into specific monasteries but you are not too young to really work on your discernment. You have to work on your immediate priorities first. First of all I assume that your parents know of your possible calling and that they are on board with it, if not start mentioning it. Your immediate priorities consist in performing well in school, the Church needs educated sisters and nuns. You need to develop a consistent prayer life and start working with a spiritual director if you do not have one. Participate in the parish life through catechetical instruction, as in receiving it and giving it. Participate in your parish life through social ministries, something like a food bank. Look for possible short retreats in convents near your town, retreats that could go on during weekends or during holidays or vacation time.

The above poster was spot on, really.

But it’s good you’re beginning to discern, and I really suggest you look for a spiritual director or something similar.

We’re praying for you! God Bless :signofcross::byzsoc:


I have almost straight A’s in school and am close to being the top of my class, so this is not a really a concern to me. I love school and it comes esaily !:smiley: I am developing a very consistent prayer life. I try to pray the Rosary every night and try to stay in a novena. (I love Saint Therese). I attend Mass every Saturday for the vigil Mass. When I look at monasterys, convents, etc. I am not seriously looking for a place to actually become a nun (although this is part of it) but am poor looking in to how cloistered nuns live there life, and what it means to be the bride of Christ. Thanks for your suggestions

I think it’s wonderful that you are open at this age. If you are considering this vocation, searching the web for religious places around the world can’t hurt. You can create a list of places that are interesting to you and as time passes, pray about them. By having a long list enables one to discern and which places one would like to visit. Then when you are 18, you can begin to visit and see what works. I know many religious prefer it that their sisters have their education.

All of the sisters I know are highly educated therefore as you discern a religious order. It’s important to keep your heart open for a career. For example you said school comes easy, maybe you should consider becoming a doctor, a nurse, or a teacher. These professions are needed inside many religious communities. Many orders are dedicated towards helping others by teaching or working with the sick. Furthermore, if down the road, you realize that religious life isn’t for you, at least there is a profession that you can use to serve God in another way. You can also ask around, pray and see where God is calling you to.

There are a couple of wonderful communities that I have heard about.

I have included this link if you are looking for a cloister. I’m sorry that it is in french, but there are several wonderful communities that are inside this list.

This one is in English:

I hope they are helpful.

Keep up the praying and don’t be afraid to date too. I know many religious orders prefer it that a young person dates and sees friends before they join. It helps with the discernment process.

Good luck,


Thanks for the links, I will no doubt be checking those out! And yes your right! I’m still trying to remain open to dating, other careers, etc. I think if I don’t become a nun I would be single, and hmm maybe work in a nursing home! :smiley:

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