Anyone know this song ? (It's in French)


I was seeing several mass in Notre Dame Paris in youtube, and I watched this video :
The singing starts on around 3:40.

Anyone know what’s the song they’re singing ? It’s sooooo beautiful and the choir did an excellent job ! They sang it when the priests and altar boy coming to altar (from the video)
It says it’s Easter mass but I’ve searching Notre Dame Easter Mass but I didn’t found the song in the mass ! So I don’t think it’s on Easter Mass.
It would be so helpful if you would tell me the song’s title ! Thank You !


Hi soner,

I agree in that it is lovely. However, I don’t know what it is, either.

The best thing that I can do is to recommend that you try and contact the person who recorded the video. Maybe she was at that Mass, and knows what the music was for the Mass?


I couldn’t hear any of the lyrics; my French is rusty, but I would have given it a try.
Hope this is answerable!



I used to live in Paris, still go there regularly and have attended Mass at Notre-Dame countless times. I was hoping I would recognize the hymn. Alas, I don’t. :o

It’s a longshot, but you could try contacting the cathedral directly. They have English-speaking staff. The easiest way would be to use the email form on this page. For the subject, choose “Renseignement concernant une messe à Notre-Dame de Paris” (which translates to “inquiry regarding a Mass at Notre-Dame de Paris”). Tell them what you’ve told us here, and include the link to the video. It doesn’t matter if this an Easter Mass or not, nor does it matter when the Mass was actually offered—I would be very surprised if they can’t identify the hymn by its melody alone.

Receiving a response is another matter and one I cannot guarantee. Notre-Dame must get countless emails daily. But it’s better than nothing. Good luck, and God bless! :slight_smile:


French is my first language but I couldn’t make out very many words even with a good headset. Their Holy Week bulletin listed a French version of O filii et filiae but nothing I could make out sounded like the words provided.


Thank you for all the replies !

I will try to Email the Notre-Dame Paris and I’ll tell you all if I already know the hymn’s title !


It’s definitely not from Easter Sunday 2013, that Mass is on the website:

and also has a beautiful entrance song (to which the words are much more easily distinguishable), but not the same one.

The church doesn’t look full enough for it to have been one of the huge Masses where white is worn - like the Chrism Mass or Holy Thursday (check out the video from the Chrism Mass on the website, where the church is significantly fuller than in the youtube video) so I would think it’s most likely an Eastertide Sunday.

If you’re going to email, I would try the Sacred Music contact, email:


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