Anyone Know Where to Read the Writings of Cardinal Bergoglio?


I'm interested in reading anything he wrote. Anyone know of an online source in English?

*]Meditaciones para religiosos Meditations for the Religious
*]Reflexiones sobre la vida apostólica Reflections on Apostolic Life
*]Reflexiones de esperanza Reflections of Hope
*]Diálogos entre Juan Pablo II y Fidel Castro Dialogues Between John Paul II and Fidel Castro
*]Educar: exigencia y pasión To Educate: Exactingness and Passion
*]Ponerse la patria al hombro Putting the Motherland on One's Shoulders
*]La nación por construir The Nation to Be Built
*]Corrupción y pecado Corruption and Sin
*]Sobre la acusación de sí mismo On Self-Accusation
*]El verdadero poder es el servicio True Power Is Service
*]Mente abierta, corazón creyente Open Mind, Believing Heart



I'm hoping to read some of these as well. I could read them in Spanish, but it would be
slow going. LOL



I’d love to know where to find these in english as well. :thumbsup:


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