Anyone know why most parents hate rock/metal?

Because one time i was playing CD’s like Jefferson Airplane,Bon Jovi,Queensryche,and Steppenwolf and my mom said to put on country and seriously i don’t like country at all.

Why do most parents hate rock/metal?

I think it just has to do with the kind of music they listened to when they were growing up. Like for instance my mom grew up during the 60s-70s and my grandma never let her listen to the Beatles, which I guess means she also never listened to the rock music either. So that is why she doesn’t know anything at all about the rock music from that time. However she did listen to disco, so she likes the more disco types of songs from my cds, like the 70s music from Michael Jackson.

When I get older and hopefully have kids I will not let them listen to rap or any of this dumb pop music stuff(Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc) because I hate it and I don’t listen to it. If I don’t grow up listening to the music I won’t let my kids listen to it either. My mom doesn’t know anything about rock music and she doesn’t like it because she never got to listen to it. It isn’t exactly that they hate it, it is just that they were never allowed to listen to it, so they won’t let you listen and they don’t want to listen to it. Why start now?


It will damage your eardrums and cause your brain to emulsify and then you’ll start using hard drugs and then you will get caught and go to prison, if first you don’t succumb to cocaine psychosis and walk off the parapet of a high building while having delusions of flight.


I think most parents hate rock and metal because it’s loud and obnoxious. When I become a parent, I’ll pump classical music into my children until their heads explode. :slight_smile: None of that rubbish for my kids! Also, asparagus every Friday in penance and regular trips to the Holocaust museum to teach them what human beings are capable of without the love of God in their hearts. We’re not to screw around with our children and let them become rebels, either to society or against Heaven. :o

Because it’s not very good music (mostly just a lot of banging around, plus three basic chords on the guitar, which doesn’t take very much talent) and the words to the songs invite you to do things that are immoral, illegal, or just plain stupid.

Your parents want you to be exposed to talented musicians who are worth listening to from an artistic point of view, where the words to the songs invite you to reflect on your choices in an intelligent way, and make good decisions for your life. It wouldn’t have to be country music - any kind of good music would do that. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why most parents hate that sort of music but I do know that the music you mentioned is not the kind of music that is going to help you save your soul.

I’m not trying to tell you to toss it all out now, but I’ll make a suggestion: read “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas Kempis and then see if that makes a difference in the choices you make in life.

Here’s a few links if you want to take my suggestion:


Rock and roll isn’t easy to play,i’m having trouble playing it but getting better.

Much of this hardcore music contains diabolical lyrics that subconsciously influence our judgment. For example; the song praising Judas by Lady Gaga. Repeating these lyrics over and over again in our minds has a brainwashing affect.

Try to listen to this link to this particular previously aired Catholic radio show hosted by a renowned Catholic psychiatrist Dr. John Palmer and a prominent Catholic Theologian Dr. Anthony Ciuffo. This very popular NY radio show featured a young fellow who was caught up in this music. This segment is about 23 minutes into the show.


God Bless

He seems to take forever to get to the subject. IMHO,there is nothing wrong with rock/metal music. There is good rock/metal and bad rock/metal.

Like not all rap music is gangsta rap,there are good rappers like MC Hammer.

Not sure “most” parents hate that kind of music. Where we live, many parents, even Catholic and Evangelical Christians love music from the '60s. My kid loves Jefferson Airplane, and Miles Davis, and the Blues, and the Beatles and… you might want to be sitting down, he loves OPERA, and plain chant, and symphonies (including avante garde modern symphonies like Arvo Parte), and gospel choirs, and country and folk music. And show tunes.

We, his parents, are huge music fans, and we try to expose him to all sorts of music. We don’t even mind if there are some allusions to drugs in the songs - we teach him the historical context of those songs, have catechized him in home school, and he knows that just because a song has a drug reference in it, it doesn’t mean its OK to run out and try it out for himself.

My son was born to the tunes of Cannonball Adderly playing Mercy Mercy and he still recognizes the tune! He also loves Mozart’s Requiem as I was in love with that piece when I was pregnant and played it over and over, always placing my giant padded headphones on my belly.

(My son is almost 15 years old and has Down syndrome).

Yep, although I don’t know any parents who like metal, almost everyone in the US who is younger than 55 has grown up with rock. I think the big issue is that as people grow older, their energy levels decrease so they become less tolerant of high energy, loud music. It overwhelms their senses.

Another way to look at it is that as we age, we have less need for high energy, loud music. I know that when I was in high school, I couldn’t study without a radio on… I simply couldn’t concentrate without some distraction. :o

I wouldn’t dream of trying to study like that now. And my musical tastes have shifted as well.

Perhaps the OP, instead of putting country music on, could consider some softer rock or pop? Or at least when his mom requests it. :wink:

I think rock was the sinful/rebellious music of their time. That’s why they hate it. Personally, I don’t feel that it is all that bad. Most of the songs are about incomprehensible things, so it doesn’t matter to me. And even if they are about bad things, we have consciences. We can detect sinful nature, block it out, and enjoy the musical masterpieces.

I’m a mother and I happen to like rock and some metal. :thumbsup:

Creates a propensity to violence. Few classical musical pieces inspire the musicians to smash their instruments or to leap off the stage into the (hopefully) waiting arms of their listeners.

Cause parents to fear that their children will not be able to develop job skills allowing them to move out of the parents’ basements into homes of their own.


I happen to love metal. Of course I’m careful what I listen to.

My kids like R&B and Rap, which I used to like growing up, but what’s out there is garbage right now.

My husband and I didn’t object to any music unless it was purposely blasphemous, or used filthy words, or promoted violence against others, or made people, especially children, into sex objects. There are pieces like that in many different genres, including country, classical, and opera.

Our children grew up listening to and liking pretty much every kind of music.

My youngest daughter loves opera, country, pop, classical, and show tunes. She’s not really into rock, but she doesn’t hate it. And she enjoys the traditional music of the Church, including chant, polyphony, etc.

My oldest daughter is much the same, but she also enjoys a lot of ethnic music from different cultures. She also likes Christian contemporary and Christian rock.

I think that many parents are concerned when a child becomes inbred and only listens to one kind of music. I personally would have objected if all my children listened to was classical! I wanted them to be able to enjoy many musical styles, not get fixated on just one style.

It’s even worse when a child (or adult) gets fixated on just one artist. Again, it doesn’t matter what genre. When my husband was a teenager, he became a John Denver groupie-wannabe! That was really tough on me! 30 years later, my husband is a John Tesh groupie-wannabe. When he attended a John Tesh concert, he actually was able to go backstage and he had Mr. Tesh call me at home–I actually told John Tesh that I didn’t like his music. Wow. But I don’t like his music.

Of course at a church event i go to where i feed the poor there is another person who helps out at the even who claims to listen to metal,but he names blues players when i mention metal guitarists.

Should i call the person a poser for claiming to listen to metal,when he mentions blues players?

Here, here. :clapping:

I would love to see any of the “Rock Music Is Satanic!” people try to play a barre chord, or the first few bars of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. Or, even more difficult, the first measure of Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be The Day” (a song so difficult to play not even Paul McCartney could play it by ear.)

Yeah…those no-talent bums…it’s just noise, noise, noise… :stuck_out_tongue:

(post shortened by Cat)

I will go along with this, too.

Many parents work hard all day at jobs that they don’t especially love, but can’t quit because they have a lot of debts and obligations.

They come home after a tough day at their thankless job, and hope to find some peace and blessed quiet in the sanctum of home that they are paying a huge mortgage for.

Instead, they are greeted with loud, screeching noise, sung by ugly, skinny millionaires.

And instead of chopping up veges for dinner, or mowing the lawn, their teenager is lying on his back in his bedroom staring up at the ceiling listening to music, and his parents know good and darn well that he probably slept until noon, ate most of the food in the frig (which parents paid for), left the kitchen a mess, and has done absolutely nothing all day.

Are you getting the idea that it’s not the music that parents object to? It’s tough to be working hard while your kids are schlepping around.

So here’s what I suggest for a teen or collegiate who wants to listen to loud rock music and not get hassled by their parents: go ahead and crank it up–while you are cleaning the house from top to bottom, or working in the yard, or fixing a great dinner, or painting the basement, or giving the dogs a bath. Make sure that you are doing these jobs when your parents arrive home from work!

A little strategy. I think a lot of parents will put up with noise if their house is spotless, their yard has been landscaped, their basement painted, etc.!

Again, though, I don’t care how good the rock music is–I do not ever want to listen to music where every other sentence has the “F” word, or that encourages the listeners to go kill some cops, or where young women are characterized as sex toys. And one thing that I hate more than anything is music where the zillionaire singer condemns others, especially white male Americans, for being materialistic and tells them that they should give away all their money to poor people and just make love. Yeah, right.

And that’s the way it should be. Strictly outlining what’s ok and not ok in your family (wow, what a concept), and not relying on blanket generalizations of entire types of music. Whatever happened to making objections based on immoral content and not upon irrational assumptions about entire genres of music? And, yes, I do consider wholesale generalizations about heavy metal, hip-hop, etc., to be irrational. (Queensyrche’s last album a few years ago was a tribute to our nation’s veterans, and MC Hammer and the guy from Run D.M.C. are but two former rappers who are now preachers - legit Christian preachers.)

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