Anyone listen to gregorian chant?

I wanted to ask this because it is the music of the mass and they have cds out that are gregorian chant cds.

I used to listen to wordly music for a long time, and just last year this friend of mine named walt who sings at mass gave me this gregorian assumption cd, and ive tried to cut off worldly music and listen to nothing but this cd and I can literally notice the difference in piece of mind, and my lack of rebellious thoughts.

Everytime I listened to worldly music, it literally made me more rebellious thinking, more imagy, I cant describe it but I just don’t think its good for people.

Like Qeunn, don’t know how to spell, but in the 70s he had a song caled another one bites the dust, which if played in reverse says stat to smoke marujiana.

Some of these songs are probaly literally hypnotizing and crea a mindset in you that thedevil wants. Im not going to even get into the screeming rock music where thy scream to the top of their lungs. Thats hell on earth.

Any thoughts?

Thank God there is more music in the world than Chant… after about 10 minutes of it I have no peace, only the desire to stick needles in my ears. For what its worth, Black Sabbath music creates the same feeling in me. :smiley:

Does anybody listen to just gregorian chant? Yep, I’ve got three different CDs.

Yep. I have gotten three different CD containing a total of five discs. They are:
*]Basic 100, Vol. 71: Gregorian Chants
*]Gregorian Book of Silos ( 2 CD’s)
*]Chant: The Anniversary Edition (2 CD’s)

Monks who are building a monastery - Our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek, 5804 West Monastery Road, Hulbert, OK 74441 - have sent me three CDs [Annunciation, Easter, & Christmas] by the Choir at Fontgombault as a fund raiser. I’m no music expert, but I have enjoyed them enough that I feel compelled to send them a donation.

This will be the first time a freebie has led me to contribute to anything.


I have about 12 CDs of chant - including eastern chant. I have sung in a cathedral choir where chant was a regular part of our repertoire. When I was in grad school, I would study listening to chant. I do my calligraphy to chant. Do I want to listen to chant all the time? No. But when I really need to concentrate and to center my self, there is nothing like chant.

I don’t listen to the Gregorian Chant music, because I don’t own them, but I do love to listen to religous choral music. Especially by Ralph Vaughn Williams (Variations on a Theme by Thomas Tallis is my favorite of his) and Sergei Rachmaninov. I don’t know, but it feels like I am closer to God listening to this kind of music. I think angels in heaven might sing choral music.

I listened to the chants years ago, when they were quite popular . . . perhaps I should start again.

[font=Arial]I remember hearing that during the height of the chant popularity, some record producer was trying to convince monks to go on tour. He didn’t understand why they wanted to stay in their monetary. [/font]:rotfl:

[quote=JGheen][font=Arial] monetary. [/font]


In the mid-90s I started putting a chant CD on to play all night while I slept. I later added church Ren-music. I have a number of CDs that I rotate through. What’s in my player right now is two masses by Palestrina.


We have a CD of Gregorian Chants that, in our 2.5 years of marriage, has been played in our house exactly once :slight_smile: The other day we went to our local monastery’s gift shop and my husband tried persuading me to buy… of all things… a chant CD!! Didn’t take me long to persuade me that it would find a better home with someone else! We like the chants, but just never “get around” to listening to them.

Is there a website for the monks, Joe?

I listen to Chant every night as I fall asleep. I listen to chant at work. I listen to chant whenever I can.

How wondrous when I walked into the local church that offers the TLM, and heard the choir chanting before mass. So much more beautiful to hear in a church than on a cd.


My boyfriend got me interested in Gregorian Chant… It isn’t my only choice of music, but it does take precedence over the radio and a fair bit of other “worldly music”…

I think you’re referring to

It is just a coincidence, Queen didn’t record anything backwards on the album.

To answer the question, Yes I listen to Geogorian Chant, and enjoy it. Well, I enjoy it if it’s done well…

Yours in Christ,

You might want to consider writing your posts in Word, spellchecking, and then copy and paste. I did this because of my atrocious spelling until I got a mac. Safari has a built in spellchecker, so it catches most of my mistakes.

My 5 year old son goes to sleep by them. Very soothing.

I listen to some other music as well but I love Gregorian Chant.

[quote=slewi]Is there a website for the monks, Joe?

. . .

Not that I know of, but I didn’t search.

Anybody have any suggestions?
I’ve heard this Gregorian Chillout cd is pretty good.
And I saw this John Paul II Cd where he does the mysteries of the rosary andhas reflections.
Anyone know what I’m talkin about?

Any suggestions for Rosary CDs/Gregorian Chant CDs?

Thanks a bunch!

John Michael Talbot has Chant from the Hermitage
There is also Chant and Chant2 byThe Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos

I recommend the Assumption and Christmas Gregorian Chant CDs by the Monastic Choir of the Abbey of Notre Dame de Fontgombault.

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