Anyone Listen to Michael Savage?

Interesting. This I did not know… thanks for bringing this to light. Maybe he just had a bug up his crawl that night… who knows? I’d like to know when he said this because the book was published in 2002… perhaps he had just forgotten what he had written.

Well, no… I suppose not. But look at the next paragraph. He thinks the Church will rise above its problem. Maybe it means he has faith in the Church, even though he doesn’t belong to it…?

He is definitely a critic of socialism and very skeptical of everything else. I think this is the only way one can live in the world with out any real deep beliefs, and maintain their few beliefs. I am not saying he is shallow, but he is like many radio show hosts covers a the mainstream veiwpoint, atleast his audience’s. He does point out alot of perverted things and expose them. He does pretty well, going in and out of the news. One night he chose to just read OT scripture and explain the depth of knowledge and wisdom it has, admitting he was a only a secular person but believed in the G-d of the Jews, being a Jew himself. I think you have to have a few good friends and live a pretty hard isolated life to maintain your beliefs, if you don’t go to church and recieve the sacraments.

Curiously enough he is going to have an interview with Bill Donahue(?) of the Catholic league coming up next…7:40est.

Should be interesting.

Not interesting to me: I think he’s shown his true colors, and may now be looking for a way to re-claim some of the audience he’s alienated.

Nothing he can say now will convince me that he wasn’t sincere then. Nothing he can say now will convince me he’s had a change of heart, unless he were to convert: only actions would speak louder than those words.

I listen to Michael Savage’s Podcasts occasionally, but he is far too bitter for me to listen to on a regular basis. I recently saw a couple of youtube videos where he defended Pope Benedict XVI for not apologizing after being criticized by Israeli Jews for the Church’s supposed involvement in the persecution of Jews in WW2. He defended Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church in general for doing more to help the Jews than any other institution in history. He also said Pope Benedict is currently the only sane religious leader the west has right now.

Michael Salvage always talks about himself. It’s annoying. And then to look hip, he always has Miles Davis or some other jazz music playing in the background.

What’s really annoying are these “packaged” interviews where it’s supposed to sound like he’s got a guest in the studio with him, but it’s really a pre-set interview where he asks the question, presses play, asks another scripted question, presses play again, and so on. You don’t even hear any back-and-forth talk between the host and guest like you’re supposed to.

Speaking of KFYI, a lot of their weekend programming is questionable for Catholics: they’ve got some “medium” on Saturday nights channeling the departed (some might say conning grieving family members), follow-up by “Coast to Coast AM” and its wacky brand of occultism. No, thanks.

I dig Dr. Mike (who’s Catholic) on the local Air America Phoenix station here. It’s one of the only live, local, NON-SYNDICATED things on radio here besides the “Low-Down Blues” show on NPR - NPR, of course, being the only place to hear talking, not screaming.

Maybe I am coming across old news, but I read something about his comments on people with autism. I don’t know if he ever made any apology but if he didn’t he should be fired. His comments lackk all compassion and understanding. If he apologized, then I am sorry for posting this.

i am not aware of this particular autism comment you are referring to, but i do know that Michael Savage is a good example of how one can be right on the issue yet have a negative impact for his side of people. His name-calling, explicit anger, and overexaggeration is embarassing. i agree with the man on many issues but i will not go out of my way to listen to him on the radio any more than i’ve already heard.

There are some things that are always in style when debating or analyzing an issue. Patience, clean language, consistency, accuracy, respect for any opposition, calm clear speaking, and many others which i’m probably forgetting.

Michale Savage has a niche audience.

His market appreciates hearing news from a “politically incorrect” point of view. He is successful due to the saturation of main-stream media with the opposite - politically correct speech.

It is common for people to dislike his show. As stated, he serves a niche audience. However, it is refreshing on occasion, to hear someone speak from the heart. He is direct, and unapologetic. He is a good example of our state - fallen people in a fallen world.

Another refreshing point about his show is that he speaks truth as he sees it. He does not mince words or fill his dialogue with qualifying statements. He is a rare person that will take a stand and not back down. He is more like the great people in our past such as the founding fathers of America.

The best action you can take, is to pray for him.

As I said, the autism comments may be old news but they went something to the effect that autism is overexxagerated and those who suffer with it just have to be like adult men and women. He knows nothing about the condition and until he gets educated on it he should refrain from speaking on it or else face a stern reprimand such as being fired. I don’t even think I’ll listen to him if he has made an apology. He must think all disabilities are overplayed. Well they aren’t.

Michael Savage is not a big fan of the drug industry. Especially the part that promotes giving everyone a “label” that allows them to get more prescription drugs.

I believe he feels there are some people with autism. He also believes this particular illness is over-prescribed.

Then he doesn’t have his facts straight. Autistic people don’t like being medicated. But he wasn’t talking about that anyway. He was saying that the condition itself is overexaggerated which is just wrong. The truth is these are special people with special needs. They don’t want to be medicated but they do have trouble holding jobs and socializing and it most likely is a genetic defect. There is no exaggeration. As far as I know they just wish to be left alone and accepted as they are.

Speaking as an autistic person (though highly functioning), I am not offended by Michael Savage. I believe conditions like autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, AD/HD, etc definitely do exist but many, many kids without any condition are diagnosed with them. That is what Savage was referring to. Just because a kid is active, doesn’t mean he has a condition that needs diagnosis and medicated.

I listen to him often. He’s a great performer and smart too.

I listened to him for a while and he made some sense at first. Definately entertaining. But then he’d go off on some weird rant and all I could think was, oh come on. He’s all over the place and he gives me a headache sometimes. :stretcher:

I like to listen to him he is very Pro - life and funny sometimes

But I have to turn him off though when he gets anti - Mexican or during the few times he’s been anti catholic or when he’s occasionally vulgar

I heard the interview he had with the author of a good catholic book about applying the teachings of John Paul II in society so I assume he admires catholic virtues.

God bless

Used to, not anymore I’m a Mark Levin listener now.

I listened to him a few times and realized it may not be to my benefit to listen to him any more.

The man is disgusting. He only knows how to talk hate. I would feel dirty and sinful just listening to him.
I also cannot standt Rush. Especially since he feels it’s ok to call a woman a slut simply because he doesn’t agree with her life choices. I may not have agreed with her either, but it is never never ok to call a woman a name like that. That is just plunging women back to the days where we didn’t have any respect.

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